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Mexico City

Thomas asks…

What is a popular radio station in Mexico City?

What is a popular radio station in Mexico City that plays a lot of the hottest songs?
Thanks to everyone who answers!

Tijuana answers:

Radio Formula FM 104.1, Los 40 Principales MX, Stereo 97.7 , Alfa Radio all are some of the most popular radio stations in Mexico City. All kinds of pops are played everyday.

Sandra asks…

What bus can I get from Mexico City Airport to Acapulco ? And where can I get it from?

I am travelling to Mexico City airport later this year and want to go to Acapulco. I have found some websites of Mexican bus companies but there websites aren’t very helpful. I am trying to find out how much it will cost, if there’s a bus that goes direct, how often the buses are etc.

Has anybody done this journey before? What bus company did you use, do you need to prebook? Also, I will probably need to do the journey at around midnight – 2am so do the buses run all night?

Tijuana answers:

There are buses from all Bus stations in Mexico City. There are more at Taxquena …south terminal. A collective is $250 mxn Pesos to Taxquena. You won`t have to wait long at any time of day Tapo station is close to the Airport and at that hour would be more practical. See the link looks like you have to wait until 7am . There are 800 registered Bus companies and there must be one from the Terminal Sur (Taxquena)

You will be safer finding a cheap flight. I just got back from almost two months in Acapulco and there are wholesale Murders totalling 300 a month, 27 in one day.
Then just yesterday some animals opened up randomly with automatic weapons indiscriminately at pedestrians and drivers in broad daylight.

My best friend`s wifes cousin was shot twice in the head last November. She owned at a restaurant and had a reputation for badmouthing the Cartels and was overheard by a Member and she is believed to have been killed for that reason.

Escalation only leaves one thing and that is to take out a busload of tourists..God Forgive them. I said I would be going to a somewhat safer location like parts on the Yucatan but after reading the news lately I will not be returning to Mexico ever again. That , after 41 years
Good Luck and be safe.
The front pages are littered with bodies and nothing is too graphic for Mexico`s media.
It is Cuba or Aruba for my future
I was tempted to bring back the front pages and take them down to a reporter here in TO.

James asks…

What would be the cost of gas to travel to Mexico City From San Antonio, Texas?

What would be the cost of the gas to Travel from San Antonio, TX to Mexico City, Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

You would also have tolls to pay on the way to Mexico City..they would raise the cost of the trip. You should never drive after sundown in Mexico…you will need to stay at least one night in a hotel…add that to your costs, too.

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