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Mexico City

Robert asks…

How long is the customs wait time in Mexico City?

I flying from Las Vegas to Mexico City on July 27th, arriving in Mexico City early evening. Then, I have about 2 1/2 hours before my flight leaves from Mex City to Cancun. Is 2 1/2 hours enough time to get through customs/immigration in Mexico City to make my next flight? Do I pick up my luggage in Mexico City? (I am flying Airbus Industrie) Any general advice on navigating the Mexico City airport would be greatly appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

Mexico City Airport has 2 terminals that are connected with a small train. Terminal 2 is the newest one and it is small you can cross it in about 5 minutes or less. Terminal 1 is the principal but compared to other Airports is also small, around 36 gates, I think that walking from one side to the other will take you about 10 minutes and there is no way you get lost.

Immigration is usually fast

Paul asks…

What does unfurnished apartment mean in Mexico City?

I am moving to Condesa, Mexico City and was planning on bringing my washer/dryer/refrigerator (company pays shipping) since I heard that an unfurnished apartment here means no appliances. Is this correct? Is it a good idea to bring your own appliances? Also are the dryers there usually electric or gas?

Tijuana answers:

Yes. Unfurnished apartment means no appliances.
If the company pays shipping and u like your fridge and wants to save some cash, then i recommend you to bring them to Mex City…

Otherwise, u have the option to buy your furniture over here. (Lots of stores offering high class appliances).

We have both, electric and gas dryers.

George asks…

what do you cross when traveling from Mexico City to Durango?

My daughter needs to answer this question for her homework. It says that when you fly from Mexico City to Durango you will cross the Mexican ________ Help! We have looked at maps and can’t figure it out.
I should clarify that it is Durango,Mexico not Colorado.

Tijuana answers:

It might help to know what your daughter was currently studying.Looking at a map and drawing a straight line from Mexico City to Durango,Durango you could be flying over portions of six Mexican states. Mexico,Queretaro,Guanajato Jalisco,Aguascalintes and Zacatecas.The mountain range is the Sierra Madre Occidental…. Hope this helps you.

****You will also cross the Tropic of Cancer****
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