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Mexico City

Daniel asks…

Is the area around Congreso de la Unión in Mexico City safe? Will there be a lot of drug shootouts?

I am going to stay in Mexico City for a week to visit with a friend who works there and I found a place near the Congreso de la Unión.

Is it safe? I heard a lot of shootings in Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Contrary to the common idea that Mexico is in “War”, average Homicide rate in Mexico is much lower that many areas in other parts of the world, such as: Washington DC, Atlanta, New Orleans, Etc. In Fact the index for Jalisco state was 5.4 during 2009, below U.S. National average of 5.6.

Mexico City is 6, a little above US national Average, well below Washington DC of 12.65.

Please don’t go to Ciudad Juarez, that’s a dangerous place, the rest of Mexico is VERY safe.

Cities like Portland ( 5.54 ) are very close to Mexico’s Average.

In Mexico guns are prohibited, that is the reason why when there are violent killings news get over published.

Please read Mexico safety statistics in link.

John asks…

How dangerous is the heart of Mexico city?

I will be living in the heart of Mexico city with my gf for more than 6 months and I wanna know how dangerous it is to live there.
I was born in Mexico and she is American of Italian heritage.

Tijuana answers:

It’s a dangerous heart.LOL. What do you mean by “the heart of Mexico City?” I live near Mexico City and am there on a weekly basis often several times a week. It is one of the safest places in country.

In the past five years downtown has been cleaned up renovated and made safe. Before that it was terrifying.

The thing about Mexico City is that. Like other mega cities, there are parts where you just don’t want to go. While Centro (downtown) is now spiffy and you can walk around without fear of being victimized the street behind the national palace is a completely different world. Within the same “colonia” (what we call a neighborhood) you can have a very nice area and around the corner there’s a part of the neighborhood where you don’t want to be. Avoid places like Delegación Iztapalapa, Tepito, Colonia Doctores and Colonia Buenos Aires.

Stay out of poorly lighted areas after dark. Use common sense and trust your instincts

Robert asks…

what neighborhoods should a tourist stay away from in Mexico City?

I’m from NYC, born and raised. I know how to stay aware in a huge, crowded city. All of my friends are saying that I’m crazy for going to Mexico City because it’s so dangerous, but I think that’s naive and ignorant. You can easily get robbed in NYC if you are not paying attention and have no common sense. I’m sure, however, that there are neighborhoods that are not so great to be in at night. Can someone clue me in?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico City is about the safest place in the entire country. But being a megacity there are places to avoid. I could say -don’t go to Tepito (well don’t) or avoid Colonia Guerrero, but the thing about Mexico City is that many times you can be in a fairly decent area then you go around the corner and it looks really scary.

Why don’t I just tell you where you CAN feel relatively safe at night :

Historic District of Downtown – well lit at night and lots of police on the beat. Avoid the area behind the National Palace and behind the Cathedral;

Colonia Roma/ Colonia Condesa Polanco; Coyoacán; San Angel; San Angel Inn, Lomas de Chapultepec; Bosque de las Lomas.

These are the places you are most likely to be by day or night within the Distrito Federal proper.
Exercise you normal gigantic city instincts and of course stay out of poorly lighted or delapidated looking areas – which as I said are often just around the corner.

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