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Mexico City

Lisa asks…

How many earthquakes have occurred in Mexico City since the 1985 earthquake?

I would like to include this in a report I am writing about the Mexico City 1985 Earthquake, but I’ve been having a tough time finding this just by using google, so I thought I’d give YA a try!

P.S. If you just so happened to know a range of the magnitudes of those earthquakes, that would be awesome too!

Thanks a bunch!

Tijuana answers:

The USGS is an excellent source for this

James asks…

How to travel from Cuernavaca to Mexico City? What to see in Cuernavaca?

I’m going to be in Cuernavaca for a week. I’d like to see Mexico City, too. Can I get specifics on the bus station in Cuernavaca and the round-trip cost? Is going for just a day going to be worth it? I think I would be nervous to stay in a hostel in D.F.

Also, any suggestions for must-see sites in Cuernavaca, or other nearby places?
Oh, and recommendations for hostels in Cuernavaca would be appreciated as well!

Tijuana answers:

Its easy take a taxi to the bus station in LA SELVA, the bus line name is PULMAN DE MORELOS. And if my memory does not betray me it cost around 6 dlls, and theres a bus to Mex City every 15 min, i don´t think they sell you the round trip though,

Once in the bus Station in Mexico City (TERMINAL DE CAMIONES DEL SUR TAXQUEÑA) you can take the subway(metro) to move around the city cost only 20 cents or 2 pesos for every ride. You can go Zocalo in Downtown visit Templo Mayor, the cathedral and other museums,

Tip.- In Mexico city try not to go north or east of the main square in Down town, since if you walk long enough you’ll end up in some of the worst and dangerous neiborhoods in the city.

After that you can get into the subway again and travel to the Chapultepec station, and ask for the antropology museum, the Castillo de Chapultepec. Walk on Reforma Ave to get to this places.

Also there is a two stores bus call Turibus, you can take that right infront of the Auditorio Nacional, close to some high rise hotels…..

In Cuernavaca visit Palacio de Cortes, Jardin Borda, Sumiya, the corious market just beside Palacio de Cortés, try to take a small trip to Tepoztlan, and enjoy the beautiful weather in the many houses with great gardens and swiming pools in there.

Hostels one in Mex city is just behind the cathedral, you can see it from the main square.

Hostels in Cuernavaca i don´t know

Robert asks…

What is the best way to travel from Monterrey to Mexico City?

I’m flying into Monterrey, Mexico and would like to spend a few days in Mexico City. Is it possible to drive/fly or take a bus to Mexico City? I have five days in Mexico.

Tijuana answers:

If you want to spend 12 hours in a bus go ahead otherwise grab a plane and in 1 hour you’ll be in México City!!

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