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Mexico City

William asks…

What was the capital of the Aztecs? Is this located under present-day downtown Mexico City?

What is the city north of Mexico City with the giant pyramid?

Tijuana answers:

The capital of the aztec empire was Tenochtitlan, in todays Mexico City Historic Centre.

The spaniards destroyed it. We have only the ruins of their temples.

The giant pyramid you are refering to is located in Teotihuacán in the State of Mexico actually there are two the pyramid of the moon and the other of the sun. But they belong to another civilisation and more ancient than the aztecs.

Mary asks…

Does any one have any information on animal shelters and rescues in Mexico City?

I might be moving to Mexico City. So my wild and crazy dream is to have a animal rescue/ pet store. I would like to adopt out homeless pets and have lots of healthy food, flee meds, and possibly microchip them in the store. Is spaying and neutering pets really expensive there? Would people buy expensive healthy pet food?

Tijuana answers:

You will have an easy time finding homeless pets……they are all over the streets roaming them 24/7……….in areas they even live in packs……..fixing them is cheaper than it is here……….alotta people feed their dogs scraps……….microchipping dogs there isn.t common and would take a while to take off because it requires vet offices and the like to own the handheld devices to scan the animal……i think you might be in for a surprise once you get to mexico city……..

Steven asks…

How are black men treated in Mexico City?


I am moving to Mexico City next week and I am wondering, how are black men treated there? I know that Mexicans are pretty warm and welcoming people overall, but what is the percentage of the people that are not so welcoming? Would I be stared at? Are there many black people in Mexico City, particularly black men? I also know that there are Africans in Mexico City. Are Africans treated differently from African Americans? Do people notice the difference in accents? Most importantly, how do the ladies treat black men, especially black American men?

Tijuana answers:

Black people are treate as something exotic. Mexico City is fairly cosmopolitan so they won’t stare like they do in the smaller cities and towns, but people WILL stare. You will find that Mexicans don’t have the same sort of stupid political correctness hangups that Americans do so they will say and do things that Americans have been conditioned to call racist. Here it is perfectly normal to call someone prieto (darky) moreno (brown) negr0, güero (whitey), chino (Chinese/Asian OR curly headed), gordito (fatty) flaco (skinny) chaparrito (shorty) and so on. No harm is meant,. That is just the way we are in Mexico. Have a nice time. Most Mexicans can’t tell the difference between black Africans, black Americans and Black Mexicans just by looking. The American accent in Spanish sticks out like a sore thumb. Some Mexican women are attracted to black men some aren’t and others are more interested in teh person than in the race.

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