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Mexico City

Carol asks…

what is the best way to fly from bucharest romania to mexico city?

I want to do a trip in mexico city and I do not know the simpliest conexions between Bucharest airport and the Mexico city.Please,help me.

Tijuana answers:


YOU can get a flight to Mexico city on KLM airlines

bucharest-via amsterdam to Mexico city
for $1123 (908 EURO)

William asks…

What are the best night clubs in mexico city?

I am going to Mexico city in May, I am from England and haven’t got a clue about the area. Would really like to know where to go at night and how much it costs for drinks/entrance in either pubs or nightclubs.

Tijuana answers:

Pata Negra (no cover)- Colonia Condesa, Tamaulipas Street. I don´t remember the number. For me its the best bar in Mexico City. It has two levels. Beer is like 40 pesos, about 3 dollars.

I know a pub near there. Go to Colonia Condesa its the best of Mexico City for night life.

Donald asks…

What is the best way from Mexico city Airport to Queretaro?

I need to take a bus from the Mexico City airport bus terminal to Quererato. I have been told there is a bus terminal at the airport. What is my best way… please suply me with bus line and schedule if posible. or bus company website. thank you.

Tijuana answers:

Primera Plus has buses directly from the airport..however, their website is lousy and does not list the specific schedules. ETN also has over 25 buses a day from Mexico City and I’m sure some of those leave from the airport…tho their website does not say which ones. As is often the case in Mexico, you may have to wait til you get there to get the details…but you will know there are several buses a day from the airport to Queretero so you would not have to wait long.

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