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Mexico Drug War

Sandy asks…

why cant mexico win the drug war?

seriously how is the government loosing to the drug cartels? they have the law on there side….

in 2008 over 6,000 people were killed in the drug war. why cant they just kill all the drug dealers?

ive heard even the cops are working with the cartels….thats why is so eff’ed up.
bunberry aka moron– you think if americans stopped buying drugs the cartels would be out of business? stupid moron. they would find OTHER means of getting money besides drug trafficking. so shut up

Tijuana answers:

If USA and the world stopped consuming so much DRUGS, maybe just maybe the drug wars would end. Don’t you think? The USA is the biggest CONSUMER OF DRUGS. You need to do more research kid.

WOW CHILL DUMB@SS, and yeah if EVERYONE (not only AMERICANS since you’re so pissed) stopped consuming DRUGS the fuck*ng DRUG WARS would end and that is common sense, I DON’T dismiss that the cartels won’t do anything after they run out of business, they can easily find other means of exploitation. Did you know that most of the weapons used in the drug wars are products from the USA? Anyways, my point is that the usa is a big contributor to the drug wars and every person knows it. The stupid moron here is not me, but rather the ignorant douche that doesn’t accept opinions different than his.

Donald asks…

how has the war on drugs affected the U.S. and Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

The War on drugs has added more and more political pressure between the United States and Mexico. Hundreds of innocent mexicans and americans have been caught up in the cross fire and killed and with the Government slipping because of corruption and internal chaos the people of Mexico live in constant fear of how brutal and unforgiving the cartels are. Very little goes on in Mexico now with everything being “monitored” and directed by the cartels.

In the U.S, many job hungry americans now find themselves competing with mexicans who escaped the chaos and disarray in Mexico and are now seeking for work, with how the situation in Mexico and the border states continue to deteriorate many americans who are already scared by the mis-fortunate events of 9/11 now have an even lower feeling of security. With the disorder also comes a feeling of animosity and a resurgence in racism against many mexicans and other foreigners from Latin America. Many political agendas in Washington D.C. Also hold the chaos in the Southern U.S. And Mexico as a key focal point and issue that must be resolved, but with so many things going downward at once and the ever growing deficit many American Politicians are finding it harder and harder to solve the issues concerning Mexico and its heated internal battle.

David asks…

Mexico’s drug war is the United states fault?

I’m sick of hearing that this is America’s fault. I understand the US gets a lot of drugs from Mexico, but we also get them from other countries and it seems that the other countries don’t have the same problems that Mexico has. For example most of the marijuana comes from Canada, but we don’t see them having wars in the street during broad daylight. Granted other countries like Columbia have had drug wars, but I don’t remember the level of violence being as strong as it is now. Why is it so bad there versus the other places?

Tijuana answers:

Interesting you exampled Canada.not many willing admit that drugs do come through via that nation. But given the fact that the border of Mexico has come under such scrutiny making it harder to pass illegal drugs through. Means that control of the corridors the cartels use are diminishing. Thus the need for escalating violence to control those that remain open. Unlike the unscrutinized northern border which drug smugglers have no problem using. With enough accessibility through those corridors there is no need to use violent methods to move their product.

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