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Mexico Drug War

Lizzie asks…

What is the Drug War in Mexico?

What is the drug war in Mexico and how does it involve the united states?

Tijuana answers:

The Mexican Drug war is a war where the Mexican government is fighting with the drug cartels the it involves the U.S because its in the U.S where the drug is consume and buy at and the guns that the drug cartels have come from the U.S

Ruth asks…

How serious is the spill over of Mexico’s drug wars into the US?

Is law enforcement able to handle the problem and keep Americans safe? Should Obama consider accelerating the withdrawal of troops from Iraq to help in Southwestern US states? Should he offer assistance to help Mexico get their situation under control after our country is back in order?

Tijuana answers:

Troops are not necessary in Southwestern US states, just stop the trafficking of U.S. GUNS that is fueling the bloodshed in Mexico.

U.S. Gun shops are supplying the Mexican drug cartels with war weapons. We do not produce that kind of weapons in Mexico.

Drug cartels are thriving thanks to America’s voracious drug consumption and lax U.S. Gun laws.

Mexico’s drug cartels generate between $17 billion and $38.3 billion a year from their cocaine, heroin, and marijuana sales in the United States, according to the U.S. National Drug Intelligence Center. And the drug cartels are getting more than 90 percent of their weapons from the United States, officials on both side of the border say.

It should change the focus of U.S. Anti-drug efforts. Instead of focusing on drug interdiction and supply reduction, which was the core of the U.S. ”war on drugs” in recent decades, it should devote a larger portion of its resources to domestic drug prevention and addiction treatments.

Unless you cut U.S. Drug consumption and curb U.S. Weapons smuggling, the drug trade will continue growing, and so will the violence along the border.

Greetings from Mexico.

Charles asks…

War on Drugs in Mexico?

Hey i need help writing a paper on war on drugs in mexico hellppppppp

Tijuana answers:

Under the Calderon Presidency, the Mexican Government launched a Military campaign against the Drug Cartels. The Mexican Air Force conducting joint operations with the Mexican Naval Infantry have led to various weapons and drug shipments being Confiscated. The Mexican Drug Cartels posses a lot of American and European weaponry. The Drug Cartels have gunmen that were once special forces for various Latin American Countries. Cartel hitmen are professionals in Air deployment, counter insurgency, surprise ambushes and are trained to use just about every weapon available. M16s and M4s are part of Cartel inventory. Cartels bribe U.S. Officials at the border to let tons of shipments in annually. In some cities of Mexico there is absolute military rule with Blackhawks, Jets, Humvees, soldiers on the street. There have been instances that the Police clash with Mexican Marine and Army Forces and Federal Police forces. It is getting to the point in which complete anarchy is taking place in some cities with the Security Forces massively outgunned. Daily shootouts lasting hours of automatic weapons. A shootout in Reynosa in Febuary of 2010 more bullets were fired in just hours than Iraq and Afghanistan combined in one day. Even though Security forces are outgunned in some cases Mexico’s Marine Force has led the fight with the capture of many drug lords and leaders and if it continues Mexico might even win the drug war despite many contradictions and by winning i mean controlling it. And controlling drug lords with threats to stay low profile and follow government rules just like the U.S. Controls their mafias.

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