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Mexico Drug War

Maria asks…

will legalization of ALL drugs stop the drug war in mexico?

Legalize everything and these crazy mexican drug cartels will be out of business!

Is it a good idea or not?

If people are going to do drugs, they are going to do drugs, do you think legalization would actually increase drug use with people that would otherwise not do drugs?

Tijuana answers:

The war on drugs is an epic failure that dose nothing but fuel wars and violence between different drug gangs. Just look at America during the time of prohibition when alcohol was illegal. The law caused nothing violence and allowed people like Al Capone to terrorize the country.

I think education is the key to harm reduction as people want to do drugs and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. Even in country’s
where they give the death sentence people still use.

So the best thing to do is to legalize all drugs or at least set up some sort of system that allows people to obtain substances which are quality controlled and taxed.

I dont think they should be openly sold in the high street stores though, it should all be done through some special surgery like the doctors.

The tax money could be used to pay for addiction centers and thous who are having problems with drug use any additional money could come from the government.

Something like this would be a lot better than throwing billions of pounds away to enforce an unforceable law.

Laura asks…

foreign policy question!Why should America support Mexico’s war against drugs?

Why should America support Mexico‘s war against drugs?? like why should we be sending troops there and training them??
right now isn’ there more deaths and crimes done? so wouldn’t it be better if we take them out and strengthen the borders?
i just want to see the perspective that the congress and government sees it since right now it just seems like a lot of money wasted.
it’d be great if you can answer!! thank you!!

Tijuana answers:

Mexico’s war is actually America’s war. The best thing the Mexicans could do is to ignore all the drug smugglers and let them carry drugs through Mexico unmolested. Either that or pick a winner. One cartel gets left alone to move as much stuff as they can whilst the government cracks down on all the others.
The only reason Mexico bothers with it now is because the Yanks pay them a lot of money to police it. If the Yanks don’t pay, the Mexicans don’t police it, and all the trouble moves North of the border.

Daniel asks…

Mexico’s Economy and the drug war?

I am in the middle of writing a paper about this topic and how the war has effected the economy of mexico.

I am trying to find some information on the amount of money both foreign and national that has been spent on this. I am having some trouble finding some solid numbers. Any suggested sites are appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

Try this site

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