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Mexico Drug War

Joseph asks…

what do you think about the drug war in mexico?

what do you think about everything thats going on right now in mexico . all the drug violence.

Tijuana answers:

Mexican government is now involved in a high intensity war against drug cartels. Probably many cops are dirty, but most of the mexican army and navy are patriots and are doing the job. This week more than 10 soldiers have been killed in this war.

This is, in my opinion, the best mexican government ever. President Calderon is a great man. He is clean. He loves Mexico and he is really involved in getting a better Mexico for further generations.

Despite the cartels are very strong, mexican army is bigger and stronger than they are.

Now, it would be very important to stop the weapons trafficking to Mexico from the USA, because the USA is the only source of weapons for the cartels.

USA is responsible too for what is happening in Mexico.

After all, the drug business is an issue of supply and demand.

Thomas asks…

Why won’t the US help Mexico fight the drug war?

After all if the us can go ahead an attack a country with no threat to us why wont we actually do something useful and at least send mexico some highly advanced weapons for them to use? Since invasion of mexico does not seem practical why not give mexico training and better fighter aircraft and land vehicles?

Tijuana answers:

If the U.S. Could dry up the drug addled demands for more and more drugs by idiots fool enough to get caught up in drug use – without that huge demand – there would be no profit in supplying drugs. The enormous, mind boggling demand for illicit drugs in the U.S. Drives the Mexican narcos.

What the U.S. Should do is set up a border like the one we had between East & West Germany all during the Cold War, and then seal the border completely by having it patrolled and guarded by our Active Duty Military as well as other government and law enforcement agencies. What happens inside the third-world pest hole called Mexico is no concern of ours. But when south-of-the-border insanity tries to invade sovereign U.S. Territory it should be crushed.

Mexico has money of its own, and the U.S. Does NOT have money to be bled off by the corrupt Mexican government. Let Mexico put on its big boy panties and rid itself of its narcos.

Carol asks…

what is the state of the current drug war in Mexico?

should i not visit Mexico? will this war probably just go on and on?

Tijuana answers:

I go to Mexico as a tourist several times a year. Currently the resorts and beaches are packed with tourist who are having a good time. If you use common sense that you use in big cities like Chicago, New York and L.A. You will be fine. If a place looks bad, or you have a bad feeling about a neighborhood, don’t go there. Be polite and courteous to everyone you meet, remember you are in their country and you are the one that appears to be acting strange to everyone else.

Yes, this war between gangs will continue for many years, however if you use common sense and protect yourself just like you do in any big city or strange place, you will be o.k. Most tourist get into trouble by trying to purchase drugs or prostitutes. If someone offers to sell you drugs, politely say “No, thank you,” then walk away. If they approached you, they are most likely an undercover cop anyways, and the last place you want to be in jail is Mexico.

As for prostitutes, how would you feel if someone asked your mother or sister to have sex with them. You would be upset, and so will the Mexican people. You will make a lot of people angry with you and they will probably beat you up. If you want sex, go to Las Vegas, Nevada where prostitution is legal and you won’t have any trouble finding a brothel.

I am sure you will have a good time if you just use the common sense you would use in any big city in the USA.

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