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Mexico Drug War

Linda asks…

Monterrey Mexico Drug War?

I have very good friends that live in San Pedro monterrey and was unaware of the gang violence going on so close to them.

It is between the gulf cartel and the zeto cartel which use to be allies.

Do you think it’s just beginning or soon to be over.

Do you think it is overhyped and is safe to go back of I should stay away forever?

Tijuana answers:

The cartels, the Zetas (a name that was used by the Mexican police for high secret police force) the gang as a slap in the face to the police started using this name as their own and another rival gangs, Beltran Leyva, and gulf cartel. The gangs are trying to gain area and control of one thing, the distribution of drugs to the US and Canada. Without the high demand, about the same sales that Pepsi Cola has worldwide, there would be no conflict. The cartels are offering jobs at better pay than the Mexican military or the Mexican Police and benefits, insurance, bonus and protection for their family. In many cases this is much better than any Mexican would hope for.This means that the gangs will have unlimited “soldiers” to fight and die for them. The Mexican military and the police can not match this. The only way to stop this is the demand of the drugs by Americans and Canadians be stopped, but as long as there is a demand for the illegal drugs the war will go on. The huge numbers of dead and murdered people you see and read about in the paper and the TV news are the soldiers, police and military and not for the most part innocent people. Since the new President of Mexico started President Felipe Calderon, the death toll is around 28,000 people, all for the drug sales to those who live in the US and Canada. Over hyped no. Under hype as to who is responsible yes. I believe it will never end until the demand for drugs is cut by those who buy and sell drugs in the US and Canada.

Donald asks…

How would you solve Mexico’s drug war?

I have a history project on Mexico, and I basically have to act as its representative for the Model OAS. I wanted to do a resolution on Mexico‘s drug war but I have no idea how to go about it. I want to create a resolution that has no defects so that when I’m interrogated about it, I have answers to everything. I just want everyone to jot down their possible solutions to this. I was going to say that Mexico should just legalize all drugs but there are so many counterpoints to that argument, I don’t know if I’d be able to defend it well enough.

Tijuana answers:

Legalize drugs in the US.. Would you the only way to stop the drug cartels.

Chris asks…

Mexico’s Economy and the drug war?

In the middle if writing a paper on this and I am trying to find some good information on how much money the government has spent on the drug war on a yearly basis, or something along those lines. Anyone have some suggested sites? I havent been able to find any solid numbers.

Tijuana answers:


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