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Mexico Drug War

Robert asks…

What is Mexico doing to help the Drug War?

Im doing a research paper. Also can u post anything on how it has effected the U.S

Tijuana answers:

The drug cartels are stronger than the Mexican govt. The military is doing it’s best but it is very difficult..
The cartels have unlimited money to buy weapons and hire well trained mercenaries.
The cartels move across the border at will and have been seen moving into the US ..
The US has a very big drug habit & is financing the whole mess – The cartels sell drugs in Mexico but there isn’t the money to be made as there is north of the border so they funnel everything to the drug users in the US.

Maria asks…

what is the state of the current drug war in Mexico?

should i not visit Mexico? will this war probably just go on and on?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico sucks as a vacation destination, and I suggest not going there at all. Better to go to Belize or Equidor if you want to stay close to the USA. Both are much nicer destinations in all respects.

Ken asks…

why do Mexican citizens think the Mexico drug war happened?

i need a little help/ opinions for my paper.
thanks in advance =)

Tijuana answers:

My wife is from Mexico. She has told me a lot about the corruption in Mexico. Politicians, police and the military are easily corrupted in Mexico. My father in law was an officer in the Mexican army. The way it works is, someone approaches a military commander and offers them a bunch of money to let the gangs move drugs through his area. The ones who refuse would often turn up dead. My father in law retired from the army back in the 1980s because of this.

And the American demand for drugs causes the drug gangs to fight for control over smuggling routes into the U.S.

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