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Mexico Drug War

Nancy asks…

Would US Military Support Mexico In The Drug War?

I am talking about militarily and would the people support it. Americans are being kidnapped by drug cartels not just in Mexico but on American soil as well. Drug cartels are building tunnels. People are being beheaded. Drugs are getting into the United States in large quantities. What if the President ordered 20,000-35,000 Marines to help Mexican troops combat the powerful drug cartels. There will be American casualties. Do you think the people of the United States would support American military action in Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

I would think so but first we need to worry about the ones we are in. Then again if it got bad enough in mexico we would send whatever we could to help the military out.

Laura asks…

How much responsibility does the US bear for the drug wars in Mexico?

The cartels are fighting over the right to sell drugs to Americans, the result is the bloodiest war since they fought for independence.

They smuggle their guns from the US as a result of the easy gun laws north of the border.

Is America at any fault?

Tijuana answers:

Los Angeles–The drug problem is a transnational challenge that knows no borders. On one side is the demand; on the other the supply that satisfies it. No solution will work that does not attack the issue on both fronts.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Mexico represents an important change in relations between the two nations on this matter. Clinton clearly communicated that the United States shares responsibility in the bloody drug trafficking war Mexico is experiencing due to the high consumption of drugs on American soil that generates money for the cartels, and pays for the flow of arms from north to south.

These are words the Mexican government has wanted to hear for years, for what they represent in the joint strategy for dealing with drug trafficking. Until now the United States has acted as if the problem were exclusively Mexico’s, helping with initiatives like Plan Mérida, but without assuming its fair share of responsibility for the problem.

It should be noted that Clinton’s words are not exclusively for Mexican consumption. The same concept of U.S. Responsibility in the drug trafficking problem in Mexico was expressed first by President Obama during his press conference last Tuesday.

Now it remains to be seen what this new assumption of responsibility means in practice. It is estimated that nearly 20 million Americans use drugs regularly, generating millions of dollars for drug traffickers. At the same time, permissive U.S. Laws on firearms make it possible for Mexican cartels to traffic arms as well.

This does not mean that the drug problem in the neighboring country is exclusively the fault of the United States. The problem of corruption in Mexico has existed for a long time, but has grown worse with the influx of drug money.

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David asks…

Drug war in Cancun Mexico?

I am planning a vacation to Cancun Mexico this summer and was wondering how the drug war there is? Has anyone been there recently, if so how was it? Is it safe to travel there? I have looked it up but haven’t found anything helpful! Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Almost all the violence is happening in the US-Mexico border. Cancun is perfectly safe.

There has NEVER EVER been an attack on tourists, so nothing to fear.

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