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Mexico Drug War

Joseph asks…

Are recreational users of cocaine morally guilty of the deaths in Mexican drug wars?

Is recreational drug use harmless and blameless, when so many deaths are involved in drug production and distribution?
Mexico‘s drug wars take death toll to record high | World news | The …[Jan 11, 2010] Jo Tuckman in Mexico City. The Guardian, Monday 11 January 2010 … of 2010 has been marked by a major escalation of Mexico‘s drug wars, increasing … – 87k – Cached

Tijuana answers:

Because this is a moral question, you’re going to receive an abundance of opinions (mine included). The deaths related to Mexican drug wars certainly have relation to American demand, but numerous other factors contribute to the violence (i.e., governmental corruption, insufficient power to combat drug networks, competition between drug networks, etc).

Another of way of looking at the issue is to consider it amorally – that is, as a matter of facts, of cause-and-effect, rather than “who is ultimately guilty for these deaths? Am I if I do a bump at a party?” American drug policy and the tactics of the DEA render cocaine an incredibly valuable substance because it is government created scarcity. Demand grows, supply shrinks, so the suppliers become more powerful, more sophisticated, more able to buy politicians and elections, and ultimately are empowered.

One need only research Prohibition-era America, where the “dealers” of back-alley alcohol were the primitive, less sophisticated drug cartels of the modern world. When substances, not behaviors, are banned – substances that can be used and enjoyed within reason – it creates a black market. In a black market, there are no rules, the ruthless become the powerful, and despite our intense efforts to curtail its use (cocaine in this instance), we undermine our own purported interests.

As such, maybe you’re morally guilty, maybe you’re not. Maybe, as Americans, we’re all guilty (speaking to my fellow Americans) because it is specifically our policies toward drugs (except, ironically, alcohol, which causes more deaths than all the others combined), that create the atmospheres for such violence to foster and literally be enriched. Drug lords are bad people . . . That’s why they’re in a black market business controlled by violence and terrorism. Let’s just put them out of business, and then we each can assess the guilt of our own actions and their consequences.

Maria asks…

Will Mexico govt actually lose the drug war and how will this affect USA?

News is gloomy. Mexico President is up for re-election at end of 2012 and he will likely be defeated if things continue the way they are. Things are getting worse, not better. Is losing the drug war a real possibility? What does it mean for USA security if our next door neighbor loses the drug war?

Tijuana answers:

That’s one war along with the war on terror that will never subside. You have to think about it. You take out one cartel leader you have another to take it’s place. You take out one Al-Qaeda member you have another to take his place. Your in Pakistan or Afghanistan you have crooked military, and in Mexico you have crooked police and military as well. The issue is that Mexico is poor and that people are always trying to get ahead of the game. Therefore they migrate to the US illegally or join a drug cartel because that’s where the money is. It’s a tough problem with no real solution because there’s always someone to take their place.

As far as how will this affect America, it will stay the same as it is today. There is very little violence that spills from Mexico into the US and it will continue that way. But there will always be trafficking into the US because Americans like their drugs.

Can Mexico lose the war on drugs: yes and there never really was a war
Will if affect the US: it will stay the same as it is now unless you can get Americans to stop using drugs.

Sandra asks…

How would you resolve the Drug War in Mexico?

Let’s say you are the president of Mexico, how would you put a stop to the Drug Wars?

Tijuana answers:

I would invest in social aspects such as education, health sector, social security, etc, because young people doesn’t become drugdealers just because they want to kill other people, many of them didn’t have access to education or employment.

I would also stop the war against drugdealers, instead I would reinforce the border to stop the illegal import of guns and weapons from USA.

About laws, I would like to legalize drugs in the way it works in places like Amsterdam, where the consuming is allowed and controlled in certain places, if American dealers come to México buy it legally and smuggle it illegally back to USA, as weapons are smuggle now in México.

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