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Mexico Drug War

Paul asks…

What damage has the US lead drug war caused to Mexico and Latin America?

Have they benefited from the drug war or not?

Tijuana answers:

One consequence is that Mexico, although a huge opponent of the United States having any strong border defense or border fence, is now building a fence along it’s Southern border to keep Guatemalans out of Mexico.

They’re shoot first and ask questions later policy has not eliminated their illegal immigration problem for them and so they are now going to fence their neighbors out.

Mexico announced last week that they will be building a fence along the border as soon as possible.

Those two faced of Mexicans!

The United States of America isn’t the problem for Latin America…Mexico is!

Mexico has benefited by making huge amounts of graft and bribery money for politicians and drug lords as the prices rise on the drugs they sell in the United States.

If Mexico didn’t turn its head let the drug lords bring it here the United States wouldn’t have the problem with drugs, illegal aliens and numerous killings along it border with its Southern neighbor.

Corrupt Mexican politicos and military are the ones that benefit most as they sponsor the illegal movements between here and there.

The drug runners have killed 3,100 innocent Mexicans in Ciudad Juarez and a few on the American side if the Rio Grande.

Thomas asks…

What are your thoughts on having troops on the border?

And sending some to help Mexico fight the drug war instead of having them in Afghanistan chasing cars?
While it is the name of a song, it is also a metaphor for wasting time.

Tijuana answers:

I think it is long over due, and that we need to secure our borders and keep them secure, as well as deport all illegals where ever they maybe and prosecuting all of those who house,employ or render them assistance

Donna asks…

Are you aware of the international and feminist issue connected to the recent shootings in Arizona?

Women are constantly being murdered in Mexico‘s drug wars and the primary source of guns there is the US. Two states with very permissive gun laws supply most of the guns used there: Texas and… Arizona.
My point: our gun laws do not just affect people in our own country and aren’t just about hunters being able to purchase hunting rifles. There are human rights issues to be considered.

Tijuana answers:


They would get the guns elsewhere or murder them with knifes, it has nothing to do with the gun laws

You know who should control the drug war issue? Mexico, it’s on their territory. It’s their territory that guns are being smuggled into.

Violence has existed since before guns did.

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