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Mexico Drug War

Susan asks…

How the drug war in Mexico began in 2011?

in 2011, i heard that drug war in Mexico happened. how it happened and why? by the way, how many people were killed?

P.S. if you can attach those new links, im very appreciate. 🙂

Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

Mexico Drug War Deaths Top 45,000 | Fox News Latino
Mexico’s drug war has taken more lives in recent years than the war in Afghanistan – a startling figure for a country reeling from a drug war that …

Mark asks…

How did the Mexican drug war get so bad?

I am researching for a history paper about the Mexican drug war and I’m trying to look into how it got so bad, when the drug trade really originated, when it escalated, who was involved, etc.
Does anybody have any primary sources they can suggest? Secondary sources?

Tijuana answers:

Watch this on you tube, it’s in spanish, but it’s a very accurate history report on the drug cartles going back to El Rey De Los Cielos who really started it all, he used to rule all the drug cartels in Mexico so everything was calm cause they had 1 leader, but when he was killed the drug cartles broke off and all started to battle each other for power continuing to today. If you want a full translation of this email me.


Maria asks…

Is it right for the ATF to promote three supervisors under investigation for gun running to Mexico?

ATF operation Fast and Furious helped cartel members smuggle 2000 American guns into Mexico.
Then the Administration tried to use the flow of American guns into Mexico‘s drug war as a pretext for a new assault weapon ban.

Do you think promoting these three ATF supervisors is a bribe to keep them quiet?

Tijuana answers:

No they should be in a jail cell and so should Eric Holder in my opinion of course that is after a trial by a jury of their peers
edit: At Bob Rat Fox didnt break the story CBS did

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