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Mexico Drug War

Robert asks…

Does anyone see a connection between the immigration issue in the US and the Drug Wars in Mexico?

The immigration issue is big in the media because of Arizona’s new law, but I don’t think that there is a lot of light that is shed on the drug wars occurring right now in Mexico. I think arguing about how to improve the conditions in the US is good and all, but I think there’s more at stake if we don’t start looking at the bigger picture.

Tijuana answers:

What super power country do you think is enabling the drug traffickers in Mexico? The United States of America. That’s who.

William asks…

Why do we have to spend our tax dollars and young american lives to protect Isreal?

I would like to know now that it seems the media is trying to drag us into another war to protect isreal.
What obligations did we sign to Isreal. Did we promise to protect them if they agreed not to make nuclear weapons. We do we seem to be constantly worried about their safety. There are plenty of people in conflict like in Africa and mexico where the drug wars are raging. Why Isreal. If there is a good reason why cant they pay us to protect them if they want a body guard so bad.

Tijuana answers:

Israel is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. It is more of a threat to the surrounding countries than they are to Israel. The only reason the US supports Israel is because of the Christian voters who regard Israel as the ‘holy land’ and the Jews as the ‘chosen people’. So as a result Israeli soldiers are killing Palestinian civilians at random without fear of recrimination.

John asks…

Why isn’t the mainstream media covering the violence brought upon by the failed War on Drugs?

Bodies of 23 found dumped near U.S. border in Mexico drug war
@ Tiff – your wacky ideas never cease to amaze me.

Tijuana answers:

Because the truth is something they do not care to publish, the Southern border and the violence is something they wish to cover up, many seem to think that legalization of marijuana may resolve the problem, if it is regulated like alcohol, I think drugs are a bad choice that many people make, yet what someone does in the privacy of ones home as long as it doesn’t involve driving or children and poses no danger to others is none of the government’s business

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