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Mexico Drug War

Jenny asks…

Do you think the drug war in Mexico will be over by April of 2012?

I’m going on spring break to Cancun next year in April of 2012 and some of the friends im going with are worried the drug war wont be over by then. I dont want to waste money on booking tickets if i dont even end up going. Please help (: thanks.

Tijuana answers:

Cancun derives most of its money from tourism, and as such, the locals have a very powerful interest in keeping the tourist areas safe. Drug cartel wars are fought in rural areas and blighted cities, not on the beaches and malls of tourist havens. Go, have a good time, and don’t worry about the drug cartels.

Paul asks…

Are the Zetas and Drug Cartels of Mexico becoming more like the Taliban?

Since December 2006 the Drug War in Mexico has claimed over 50,000 lives. I live down in McCallen, Texas (veryyyyyyyyyyyy close to the border) and I swear like everyday I hear shootings.

Tijuana answers:

No, because they are not camouflaged by a religious bent. Their only god is money. If we would just stop giving it to them, the “drug war” would be over in a day!

Joseph asks…

Is it safe to go to mexico right now?

My uncle who is an immigration officer said that its not the best time to go to mexico because of the drug wars. Me and my gf are planning to go to cancun.

Tijuana answers:

You don’t have to worry about that, there aren’t drug wars in Cancun. Those are going on in the border towns, which are far away. Go on and have a good time!!! =D

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