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Mexico Drug War

Sandy asks…

How does Mexico’s geographical location affect the drug war?

I am doing a geography project on mexico drug war and need to include information about how its geographical location affects the conflict?

Tijuana answers:

It is between the largest production area for cocaine and the largest consumer in the western hemisphere.

Jenny asks…

Why does NATO intervene in Libya, but not in Mexico during the drug war going on?

Do we (as in the US gov’t, not the people…I know we all care about issues here at home…I think you get what I mean) care what happens overseas before what happens next to our border?

Tijuana answers:

North atlantic treaty organization

not latin america treaty organization

but your point is good. There should be some international organization putting some force on these scumbag cartels

Linda asks…

How has the mainstream media been able to disguise the war of liberation in Mexico as a drug war for so long?

It’s obvious to even the least savvy observer of the violence in Mexico that it is not a drug war carried out by criminals but a war of independence along the lines of Poncho Villa…The Mexican people have been oppressed for so long that it’s amazing that it has taken this long for them to rise up and overthrow their corrupt government and create a Hugo Chavez type Social Democracy…

Tijuana answers:

When one of the drug lords wins, there will be peace. However, the people will be just as oppressed, perhaps even more.

Their government is too afraid to even try to stop this war. It would be horrible if the US forces got involved in this situation due to the killings of US citizens.

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