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Mexico Flag

Sandy asks…

red strips in mexicos flag?

what do the red strips in mexicos flag symbolize?

Tijuana answers:

The meaning of the colors has apparently changed over time.

The colors of the flag originated from the banner of the Army of the Three Guarantees, which lasted from 1821 until 1823. Originally, the colors had the following meanings:

Green: Independencia (independence from Spain)
White: Religión (religion, the Roman Catholic faith)
Red: Unión (union between the Europeans and Americans)

However, the meaning of the colors changed because of the secularization of the country, which was spearheaded by President Benito Juárez. The new color meanings are as follows:

Green: Hope
White: Unity
Red: Blood of the national heroes

The World Encyclopedia of Flags, a book written by Alfred Znamierowski, also gives the following meaning to the colors of the flag:

Green: Hope
White: Purity
Red: Religion

Since Article 3 of Mexico’s Flag Law does not give an official symbolism to the colors, other meanings may be given to them.

Linda asks…

Where cAn I find a Mexico flag speedo?

Tijuana answers:

Definitly, if you found it, you should buy it outside of México, because inside of Méxco it is against the law to make any product or to wear the flag or the coat of arms or both in your clothing.

Dont wear it in México for the reasons metioned above. The Ley sobre el Escudo,La Bandera y El Himno Nacionales (Law about the coat of Arms, the flag and the national anthem) says in his articule 56:

“The actions done against this law that are not explictly contemplated in the criminal code, will be persecuted with a fine or with an arrest for up tto 36 hours. The product with the reproduction of the flag or the coat of arms will be confiscated.”

Nancy asks…

Do you think we should be flying the Mexico flag?

In the United States…. This isnt Mexico so why do people fly the flag here? You don’t see the North Koreans flying the South Korean flag….
We don’t need any bad influences from Mexico….just look how they turned out

Tijuana answers:

Are you against all of the American youth who wear clothes that show the UK Union Flag, or the Irish flag outside Irish pubs or on St. Patrick’s Day or Italian flags or how about South Korean flags outside taekwondo schools? What about the famous flag with the red field overlaid by a blue St. Andrew’s cross with thirteen white stars within the cross bars? I see nothing wrong with being proud of your family’s heritage. Just don’t fly any flag in the place of honor except the American Flag.

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