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Mexico Flag

Maria asks…

how mexico got its flag?

How did mexico‘s flag start?

Tijuana answers:

The origin of the shield with the eagle is based on an aztec leyend that tells that the aztec natives were walking around mexican territory looking for a signal of their gods to found the city of Tenochtitlan (Mexico city nowadays)where they may see an eagle devouring a snake.
The meaning of the colours have changed with the pass of time, the colours were originated from the “Army of the Three Guarantees” that was headed by some leaders of Mexico´s independence in 1821, and the significance ot the three colours according and since the government of former president Benito Juarez is:
Green: Hope
Red:The blood of the national heroes

Chris asks…

did daddy yankee buried the Mexico flag?

Tijuana answers:

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your question.
Who is “daddy yankee?”
What do you mean by “buried the Mexican Flag?”
Perhaps if you were more specific – we could help you.
Please give it a try.

Paul asks…

Why do taco stands always play circus music and have Mexico flags?

Why do so many fail health inspections ? Why are they all painted the same color? Would it hurt the taco stand to have a America flag or are they scared to give up their oath to Mexico? Many Mexican Americans complain about the lack of American flags saying the taco stands really want to make money off their oath to Mexico.

Tijuana answers:

I am Hispanic and for me it makes me mad when I see these Mexican flags up outside a taco stand restaurant,grocery store etc. I think they forget what country they are in. I will not buy food from taco stands because I never see them wash their hands. The whole Mexican flag thing is ridiculous. This is America and the only flag that should be flying anywhere is an American flag.

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