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Mexico Flag

Paul asks…

what does the symbol on the mexico flag means?

research need help i can’t find the answer.

Tijuana answers:

The coat of arms.

Its design is based on the symbol used by the Mexicas to discover the land where they would found Tenochtitlan. Legend has it that they traveled from Aztlán, present-day Nayarit, in search of a sign from Huitzilopochtli to tell them where to settle and establish their empire.

This symbol was an “eagle perched upon a nopal, devouring a serpent”. After a long journey, they finally found it in the Valley of Mexico, on an island near the edge of Lake Anáhuac.

The national coat-of-arms therefore reproduces the sign given to the Aztecs by Huitzilopochtli: the left profile of the eagle standing on its left leg upon a nopal; in its right talon and beak it holds a rattle snake, which represented the renovation of life to the ancient Mexicas.

If you look closely, you will see that the island is bordered by a ribbon with colored bands: green represents hope and victory, white symbolizes the purity of our ideals, and red if for the blood our national heroes shed. On the island, there is a nopal with red fruit or tunas, which for the Aztecs, symbolized human hearts.

If we look further down, we will see a garland (an open crown of branches or flowers); the left side bears oak branches symbolizing strength, while the right side is decorated with the laurel branches of victory.

Linda asks…

How come hispanics that live in the US carry Mexico flags?

How come they do carry the US flags instead?? Is this disrespecting the US citizens??

Tijuana answers:

I’m an American and I don’t have a problem with Mexicans carrying the Mexican flag. They are proud of their nationality and heritage. A lot of other people in this country come from outside of the U.S. And display their country’s flags proudly as well. I don’t think it’s disrespectful at all…and not to mention some immigrants here in the U.S. Are not necessarily U.S. Citizens. So they may respect our country but they may not have too many ties to this nation.

Sharon asks…

why does Mexico have Italy’s flag?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico does not have Italy’s flag. They both have the same colors and in the same order, but if you look closely you will see that the Mexican flag has the image of an eagle posed on a cactus plant eating a snake.
Below are links with the images of each flag. You can see the difference.

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