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Mexico Flag

Ruth asks…

What does the symbols on the flag of Mexico represent?


Tijuana answers:

The symbol in the centre of the Mexican flag is the Mexican national coat of arms. The elements of the coat of arms namely an eagle devouring a snake, a prickly pear cactus or Nopal, water, earth and laurel leaves all have symbolic meaning. The eagle features in art dating back to Aztec times and would originally have had strong religious connotations, whereas to the Europeans who came later, it has come to represent the triumph of good over evil.

The current interpretations of the symbols are as follows:

* The Eagle represents the Mexican People, the combative stance meaning that they are ready to face the challenges that life and the world may bring upon them.

* The Snake represents Mexico’s enemies, although not identified, it would mean any foreign forces that may harm Mexicans. The snake being devoured by the eagle means that the Mexican people will prevail over their enemies.

* The Nopal, with its thorny nature, represents Mexico’s challenges and trouble; the eagle defiantly standing on them means that the Mexican people will overcome these challenges.

* The Earth and Water symbols represent Mexico’s indigenous origins, melded together through the colonization and racial mixing of Europeans and Native Americans.

* The Laurel and Oak leaves encircling the Coat of Arms represent victory and the martyrdom of those who have given their lives for Mexico.

Thomas asks…

Why did Italy Steal Mexico’s Flag?

I know many Italians debate that Mexicans stole their flag, but if you do some research, you’ll find out that Italians, stole Mexico‘s flag.

Mexico‘s flag was first established in 1821, after it gained independence from Spain.

Italy’s flag was established around 1848 during/after the risorgimento.

Could someone just explain, why Italians claim something that is false?
hmm, did you notice, i said that each flag was ESTABLISHED in each year, i dont mean the unofficial uses of the flag so why dont u get some glasses 😀 also, have you noted the difference b/w the french and mexican flag? hmm….french flag= blue white and red
mexican flag= green white and red. so i AM right after all. piesa de mugre mierda. see i can insult too 😀
LOL, an italian calling mexico a shithole? xD time for a MAJOR reality check. Isnt your country the poorest in the EU? and btw, it DOES matter wether the country was ESTABLISHED cause otherwise, the flag would of just been a symbol. THEREFORE, mexico IS the creator of the tricolored flag since it adopted the flag first, noone gives a sh!t if italy had it as a symbol, the point it that mexico adopted it as its national flag, so yup, im still right about italy stealing, and also, i know ur upset that ur country’s flag is a stolen one but dont try to make things up to make ur country’s wrongdoing right
@ hi, yeah, im sorry bout the insult but…he DID start it lolz anyways, i KNOW about the eagle man, but the point is that italians are trying to say that we stole the “colors” from their flag when it really is the opposite since our flag was established LONG before theirs, i guess it just bother me when people try to say something that wrong and try to back it up with anything they can although they know theyre wrong…get what i mean? xD
@ hunter AGAIN, the GREEN WHITE AND RED tricolored flag was ESTABLISHED in MEXICO as its NATIONAL FLAG. ITALY ONLY had it as a SYMBOL. ITALY ESTABLISHED the tricolor MANY YEARS AFTER MEXICO. THEREFORE, IT ORIGINALLY IS MEXICAN! gosh, someone needs some terminology review…also, see my pic? see the flag behind it? yup, i dont think its the mexican flag 😀
and XD check the “mexico page” on wikipedia, its not false info, ive been to mexico before, and ive witnessed the advances. anyways, u can also check the spain page, since im from spain, and im proud of spain and mexico because theyre both great. also, italy didnt take over half the world, i think ur confuseing my country with urs, wasnt it spain that ruled most of the americas? yup. I know chri columbus sailed to the US BUT he was UNDER THE KING AND QUEEN OF SPAIN so basically, he sailed for us and we get the credit because we sponsored his trips. so yeah italy doesnt have ANYTHING on my beautiful spain

Tijuana answers:

They DIDNT steal it dumby. Both flags had different concepts meaning both were different. And The Mexican flag has a big eagle the Italians didn’t so they didn’t steal it. And if each flag was establish in the same year then it was a coincidence.

And The green on the Mexican flag is a different greenish color then the Italian one, the red on the Mexican is more reddish then the Italian flag.

Laura asks…

Why does Mexico copy the Italian flag?

So why does it look like the Italian flag. They just put some symbol on it lol.

Tijuana answers:

They don’t…. The Mexicans have their own flag, and are proud of it.
Mexico is a terrific country with a terrific people.

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