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Mexico Flag

Sharon asks…

Do you think burning the Mexico flag was right?

No, I think that showed them in a bad light. You can make a statement without fighting or bad language to another. If someone from another country or my our was to burn the USA flag I not going to lie I would be so piss I would mostlly likly fight for that flag ( oh I forgot I did) so to do so to someone else is wrong. BUT THAT STILL DOES NOT CHANGE MY MIND ON ILLEGALS. THEY BROKE THE LAW NO MISSTAKING THAT.

Tijuana answers:

No it isnt its just like burning our own flag. There are many mexicans who arent aliens and shouldent have their flag burnt.

Mary asks…

Neighbor hood association say I can no fly Mexico Flag?

But must fly America Flag with Mexico Flag? It not legal is it?

Tijuana answers:

Doesn’t matter… You are not in Mexico so why do you want to fly the Mexican flag? Be proud of the country that gives you opportunity and freedom.

Donald asks…

Why hasn’t the US pressured Mexico to Fix their Internal Problems.?

It seems reasnable to assume if Mexico would fix their corruption,violence and pay their workers a fair wage the US wouldn’t have immigration problems.

Tijuana answers:

Mexico doesn’t want to fix their problems. The US is run by big business that want the cheap labor. Mexico even gives these people pamplets telling them how to sneak across the border, get fake id and social security numbers, and get welfare.

The illegal Mexican immigrants are invading this country trying to take it over. It’s encouraged by Mexico and the American businesses who use them for cheap labor. Their loyalty is to Mexico. They proved that during one of the first rallies when they took down the American flag, hung up the Mexican flag, and then hung the American flag upside down underneath it. THAT is how they feel about America.


Then the people who want to appease them pull out the excuses about how people who are not even alive now, and haven’t been for hundreds of years, ‘stole’ the land from the American Indians. Even American politicians are carrying out this traitorous attack on our sovereignty! If this keeps up, the United States of America will become a 3rd world country, just like Mexico! Mexico’s problems are not the fault of Americans, but they are becoming our problems because the Mexicans are invading us and bringing their problems with them.

The illegals make up about 5 % of the work force. The unemployment rate is about 4.5%. Keep in mind that the unemployment rate does NOT represent everyone who is unemployed. It only counts those who are collecting unemployment. Everyone else’s plight is ignored. The unemployment rate if everyone was counted would be tremendous. We do NOT have a shortage of labor, we have a large surplus. The more illegals that come in and take our jobs at minimum wage or less (often less) puts more and more Americans out of a job. Most of these Americans are never counted in the unemployment rate if they do not manage to get unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are hard to receive.

Illegals draw welfare by stealing people’s social security numbers and identities. That means there are a lot of people being directly hurt by these people as well. Innocent people are having their credit ratings ruined, having IRS problems, and social security problems. If someone who has had their social security number stolen gets married, if either spouse dies or become disabled then they can be denied their benefits.

My family moved to the US before WWII. Those of my family that didn’t make it over got killed by the death camps. Our family assimilated to the American culture. We didn’t expect the Americans to change to suit us. The illegal immigrants from Mexico are not civilized like that.

They not only changed the National Anthem to Spanish, they changed the words. They already burn our flag and hang our flag upside down. They waved the Mexican flag during a lot of their protests. Some schools have stopped hanging the American flag and forbidden students from wearing clothes with any part of the American flag on their clothing all to keep from offending the Mexicans. It’s nothing short of an attack of our country, not only by the illegal aliens, but those who seek to appease them.

I am tired of the stereotype that Americans wouldn’t do the work that illegals do. Illegals do all kinds of jobs for less than minimum wage which drives the wages down for U.S. Citizens. Construction jobs are an example. There are lots of illegals doing construction jobs that Americans used to do because the companies can keep more of the profits if they pay less for the workers. All that does is make companies wealthier and Americans poorer. Illegals are stealing jobs that Americans have done for years.

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