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Mexico Flag

Joseph asks…

Can I fly an American flag in Mexico?

I’ve heard it’s against Mexican law to fly any other flag than the Mexican flag in Mexico, except at embassies. Does anyone know for sure?

Tijuana answers:

Yes you can, Libertad de Expresion, or freedom of speech is well regarded in Mexico, As a matter of fact i recall VERY DISTINCTIVELY in puerto vallarta the city hall had a Mexican, US and Canadian flags on their own polls.

So not only is this done by anyone but the government it self does it, giving the large population of Canadians and Americans living there, best part is, i can prove it, i just looked it up on google maps and u can distinguish the flags, (although theres no wind so they lay down, but you can tell or see the Mexican flag in the middle the Canadian flag to the left and the US flag to the right

You gotta love technology… To prove someone right or wrong, BTW this is just an specific example that i recall, and i was pretty waisted when i was there. I guarantee you there are more out there

Robert asks…

Did Mexico take italys flag idea or did Itlay take Mexicos flag idea?

i always wondered did mexico steelItaly’ss flag or the other way around or was it just a coincidencee i know theres the diffrence between the shade of the colors and then there the eagle on the mexican flag but still someone who didnt know any better they would think it was the same exept for the eagle of course

Tijuana answers:

The colors of today’s Mexican Flag dates from the time of the “Ejercito Trigarante” meaning the “Army of the three guaranties” white meaning the purity of the catholic church, green meaning Independence from Spain or any Nation, and red meaning the union of the segregated system called Castas (union between white, indian and mix race people called mestizos).

Dates from 1820 and the Mexican Independence final war.

The colors from the Italian flag dates from the time when Italy was not a unify nation, and it was used after wining a battle between Austria and the ruler of Piamonte-Cerdain after freeing Milan when he gave to soldiers flags while they entered Lombardi.

Dates from 1848.

Its just a coincidence that the two flags have the same colors, no historical background.

Ken asks…

why do mexicans wave mexicos flag everywhere in the United States?

why do they make lots of babies?

Tijuana answers:

If they’re so excited and patriotic towards Mexico then why did they leave? It’s not that far to go back.

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