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Mexico Flag

John asks…

Why does Mexico’s flag look similar to Italy’s?

Did Mexicans copy their flag or how did that happen?

Tijuana answers:

All flags are either square or rectangular, except one. It is Nepal.
The Olympic rings have a color that is every national flag in the world. There are only five.
So there are many similar flags, but most are not intended to copy anyone else’s.

Laura asks…

Six Flags?

Ok. please read all of it. today my class got a notice that we can go to a music festival. And then after that we are going to Six flags. Well that is mainly why people are going. And my friends and i want to be in the same group. Well one friend want to go on the superman, or the batman. well i was wondering if it is really scarey? If you have been on it then can you please tell me your experenice, please. Also has anyone go hurt on it? Thank you, and please don’t put insults on my question. Thank you again.

Tijuana answers:

Which park?

The Superman can be rollercoasters over 200 feet (Six Flags New England, Six Flags America, Six Flags Mexico), a drop tower (Six Flags over Texas, Six Flags St. Louis, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom), a rollercoaster over 400 feet (Six Flags Magic Mountain), a floorless coaster (Six Flags Fiesta Texas), a flying coaster (Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags over Georgia, Six Flags Great America) – plus more.

The Batman could be a 106 foot (ish) tall inverted coaster (SF Great America, SF Magic Mountain, SF over Texas, SF over Georgia, SF St. Louis, SF Great Adventure, SF Mexico), a wild mouse coaster opening in a couple months (SF Great Adventure, SF Great America, SF New England), a floorless coaster (SF New England) – plus more.

So your possibilities are: Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags over Texas, Six Flags over Georgia, Six Flags St. Louis, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Mexico, Six Flags New England – plus the possibility of more.

So all the inverted Batmans are fun, all the Batman wild mice are fun, and the floorless is scary, but fun. Oh yeah, all are scary in own respects, but very fun.

The 200ft Supermans are pretty fun, but real scary. The 400ft Superman is fun – but don’t wait more than 15 mins for it – btw – also scary. The drop towers are just plain fun, more scary at night. The floorless Superman is very fun – but again scary. The flying Supermans are very fun – again scary.

Again – all are scary in own respects – but fun.

The Superman in Kentucky – a girl’s feet were severed this June. This was a freak accident, just the fact that the cable that broke hit the exact angle to cut the feet off – once in a trillion chance.

The Superman in New England, a man died on a few years ago, because he fell out. Seatbelts have been redesigned since I believe.

Besides those, I can’t recall any others.

Hope this helps.

Donald asks…

if mexicans love america so much why do they fly mexico flags?

Tijuana answers:

I don’t now but it gets on my nerves when they or other people from other countries have there flag waving from there cars or homes…i am not racist( i have beautiful brown skin myself) but if they are so proud of there country why are they here???

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