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Mexico Flag

Thomas asks…

Is it illegal to fly the flag of another country at a business here in USA?

There are a couple of used car lots here in Texas, and they are flying the Mexico flag.

Tijuana answers:

It’s not illegal…
But the American flag should be flown ABOVE the Mexican flag.

There is nothing wrong with having pride for your home country
but if you are here in America, you should always have MORE pride for our country, and fly our flag along with the other one.
Otherwise, just go back, please.

Oh, and Greasy Tony, why don’t you READ the question? She specifically says it’s the Mexican flag, you dumbass.

& the reason people have a problem with THAT flag more so than others, is because there are a heck of a lot more Mexicans in the country flying their flags then other immigrants.

(And to make it clear, I am not racist, I don’t judge people just because they are from a certain place or they are a certain color. I just can’t stand immigrants who are either illegal or disrespect my country and don’t assimilate themselves to our culture.)

Mary asks…

Why are illegal Mexicans always so proud of Mexico if they left that place because it barely functions?

I always see them waving their Mexico flags when all the illegals here go out to protest. I’m wondering why they’re so proud of that place if they decided to come here. Doesn’t that mean we’re the better country.

Tijuana answers:

That i never understood. I always say if the want to represent it (wave flags) go back to it

Sandy asks…

How can I write the best paper in my history class?

In my 7th grade history class we were learning about the history of what the New Mexico flag means. So, my teacher has us design our own flag to represent us, and write a paper on what it means to us. It is only required to be a page, but I love history. Mine will be longer. Any tips or advise to make it the best in the whole class, and maybe even team? I want to blow him away! 😛

Tijuana answers:

The first flag of America was a rattle snake. We were fighting for our Independence. You could make your flag represent a core belief that you have. You will have to think very honestly about what you believe about your self . May you be successful.

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