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Mexico Flag

Thomas asks…

Why do illegals from Mexico always use the Mexico flag when they demand immigration reform?

Why do illegals love Mexico as long as they are here & not in Mexico ? Symbols of Mexico are every where, stores, pay day loans, license plates, shirts, jackets, flags at homes, yet when you they are to be deported they all say Mexico is the last place I want to go ? Why is this ?
Confederate flag you are saying is illegal ? Why is there always an excuse for illegals ?

Tijuana answers:

Good question. The illegal aliens that were coming north for a while could not read or write well.. Or at all. 5th Grade Education was about the max, with the third grade education being about normal.

Mexican National Radio, Television and the Newspapers, were picking up on the idea that the U.S. Stole the country from them. They don’t ever hesitate in ignoring the first settlers up here were the so called native americans. They ignore the fact that the Pope gave the land to the Spanish.. Just the Spanish. The Mexicans had a revolution and claimed the land while they killed a whole lot of Spanish/Europeans. Ah yess.. That is where history began for the Mexican Nationals on this board. But while the Mexican Language Radio tells these poorly educated folks what the history of this land is, they ignore all the facts and tell them to wave the Mexican Flag.

I don’t care though. Detain and deport will do nicely.

Lizzie asks…

Taco stand question is it legal for taco stand to fly regulation Mexico flag with small America flag beneath?

I asked the taco stand owner about this and she told me she had a permit from the city and this is part of her culture and this is what diversity is all about, this being freedom of choice and she said business has increased by 75% with the new flag concept .Is this legal ?

Tijuana answers:

I do not think it is legal to fly this Mexico flag with an America flag below it. Now if the two flags were flown side by side yes this is legal. I think to put the two flags on the same pole is in fact illegal.

Ken asks…

How come on every street corner these is these portable taco stands with Viva Mexico is that a code word ?

The stands many have no hot or cold water or even soap. I seen them wrote up in the paper under health inspections. Many where found to have no bathrooms. They did have Mexican flags every where. They do have all that Circus Music. They do have every stand in town looking like the Mexico flag. None where found to have an American flag of my search of 75 stands not one American flag. Is having a Mexican flag a code word only illegal aliens understand much like their gang signs? Gang signs where the next drug buy is or drug sell ? Why are these taco stands so UNAMERICAN ?
Jackie S when I want your ” Opinion ” I’ll give it to you

Tijuana answers:

I hear ya. The american govt should Tell those people if they are going to fly their flag, they have to have the american flag over theirs. If there is not washrooms they need to be closed down.

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