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Mexico Flag

Charles asks…

why do mexicans leave mexico if they’re going to come to america and represent it (ex:mexico flag)?

you represent what you love, so why leave what you love?

here in los angeles, you can’t go down a street or go in a store without seeing a mexico flag

Tijuana answers:

I agree, if they have no intention of assimilating and becoming Americans, they should go back to Mexico.

Richard asks…

im trying to get the Mexico flag around my forearm, help?

Idk how to explain it. I seen a picture of an Irish Guy that has the flag around his forearm like a bracelet. How do I go explaining this to the shop? Can anyone sketch something up? I want on top of the forearm, right below the elbow.

Tijuana answers:

I think I understand what you’re going for. You could tell them to make it a sort of thin flag that waves fluidly around your arm. Or you could always google it to see if you find a picture similar to what you want, and show it to them =]

Susan asks…

Why was there a Mexico flag behind Man City goal?

when i was watching the Everton Man City goal in Man City goals behind it was a Mexico flag (1st half not sure if any of you noticed that) but is there a big population of Mexicans in England

Tijuana answers:

Because it is the most beautiful flag in the world…it deserves to be everywhere!!

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