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Mexico Map

Helen asks…

What crossing point is the safest going to Mexico?

Yahoo! Maps tells me to cross at Nuevo Laredo, but I’ve bad things about it. Got an answer for me, GulfportBob?

Tijuana answers:

McAllen, Texas into Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

You did not say how far you will be going into Mexico. You have the autopista going to Monterrey, then you have a highway going south toward Ciudad Victora and Tampico, Do not forget to get your car permit and insurance.

Here is information:

This is my help from Gulfport, Mississippi United States of America.
Please pick a “Best Answer”, even if it is not mine.
That way we can tell if we really do help people.
My hometown is McAllen, Texas. Retired U.S. Navy living at the Armed Forces Retirement Home, Gulfport, Mississippi.

So maybe I am a little biased.

Jenny asks…

What’s the difference between Mexico and New Mexico?

Why is New Mexico, new?

Tijuana answers:

Find a map. Learn the difference between Old Mexico and New Mexico. Learn the difference between a state and a country. That ought to keep you busy for days.

Paul asks…

how come everytime somebody commit a serious crime in america they always escape to mexico?

why does it have to be mexico? i heard mexican women are sexy i want to go there someday oh and is brazil in the south america i thought brazil was a part of spain or something ..ok thanks.

Tijuana answers:

You should go look at a map..
Spain =Europe
Brazil= south America
Mexico= north America
and that’s just in the movies..trashy hollywood movies. Stop believing all you see on tv or what idiots tell you like that user up there..

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