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Mexico Map

Ruth asks…

What do the colours used on the map represent in the ad of absolut vodka?

Absolut Vodka. Ad in Mexico. Print ad. Colours used. Represent. Symbolic analysis.

Tijuana answers:

YES once AGAIN is the answer

David asks…

Why are the states of Mexico so ambiguously drawn compared to those of the United States?

On a map it looks as though the state borders are never straight.

Tijuana answers:

The Americans didnt determine where the Mexican borders were.

Sharon asks…

Will the New Mexico wildfire affect a trip to Arizona?

We were planning to go to Flagstaff, Arizona and Grand Canyon National Park on June 20th. Will we be able to go with the wildfire in New Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

That would depend on your starting point. Right now, the biggest fire in New Mexico is in the southwestern area of that state. The Grand Canyon is in the central northern area of Arizona about 400 miles away, so if it’s smoke and such that you’re worried about, don’t worry unless it suddenly consumes have the southwestern states.

If your starting point to get to the Canyon is Silver City, NM or any surrounding areas by the fire, plan an alternate route just in case they don’t get it completely contained within the next 18 days.

Here’s a link to a constantly updated map of New Mexico fires:,0,5392408.htmlstory

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