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Mexico Map

Charles asks…

How far is Mexico from Arizona?

My friend and I are planning a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico for spring break, driving from Mesa, Arizona. How long of a drive would that be and how many miles?

Tijuana answers:

It’s just a couple inches on the map 😉

Mary asks…

How is it living in Santa Isabel Tola in Mexico City?

My sister is moving there soon with her family. Santa Isabel Tola is supposed to be on the edge of Mexico City, right up against the mountains. Anyone familiar with this town?

Tijuana answers:

Your sister must be from Hawaii… She already posted a question regarding this. I didnt answer there because I didnt even knew where it was… Now I know because I looked for it on the map.

That place is at the northernmost part of the city. Neighbouring to the north you would only find rural areas. Neigbouring to the south, a very hectic entrance to the city because there’s a great deal of people entering the city every day. It isnt a nice area, and by that I mean, streets are polluted, most people around would be somewhat poor (not the poorest) and you could expect a lot of cargo movement.
Im sorry to say that it isnt the safest of places, although there are some better areas around.

What you need to understand about mexico… Specially mexico city, is that as long as you can afford it, things can be great… Private education, private medicine, restaurants, etc are truly first class. If you can’t afford it, life could be hell.

I dont know why your sister is moving there. If it has to do with a nearby job offer, I would recommend trying LINDAVISTA instead… It is a much better neighbourhood in the same area… . If her moving to that specific place has nothing to do with any nearby activity, I would recommend moving to the western parts of the city, because that’s where people who can afford a nice living live… So there are better services, lower crime rates, much more foreigners, better private schools, excellent private hospitals, less pollution, etc.

Lisa asks…

Does anyone know the cost of cab rides in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

I am traveling to Puerto Vallarta Mexico soon. The cab ride should be around 45 minutes from the airport to the hotel, and 15 minutes from the hotel to downtown. I am wondering what these cab rides would cost.
The distance is 21 km (13 mi) from airport to resort. Does this help you estimate costs for me? Thanks so much!

Tijuana answers:

Be sure to tell them where exactly you are going and ask how much it will be first. Be sure the driver isn’t some young kid and is careful. Download a map so you can be sure they take you directly there and not in a roundabout route.
Once there, I’d take the bus. Pretty cheap transportation and they run all over the place every few minutes or so….Think it is about 8.50 pesos or around .80 cents.

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