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Mexico Map

Jenny asks…

How long does it take to drive from Las Vegas to Acapulco Mexico?

Is there a site that I can get driving directions to Acapulco Mexico from a US City?

Tijuana answers:

From Las Vegas, NV to the Nogales, Arizona frontier it will take about 7 hours by car. Then from Nogales, Mexico to Acapulco, it will take about 25 hours. Thats a grand total of 32 hours and 2047 miles. For the toll roads in mexico, you need to pay $1,881 pesos, aprox. 175 dollars. You can get the driving directions at Yahoo! Maps for the US portion, and then use the SCT page for the Mexico driving directions. The SCT page is in spanish. The links for those page are listed above in the sources field.

Daniel asks…

Why do foreigners have to pay a foreigners Tax when buying a house in Mexico?

I sold my house and then bought a hovel and resrored it. When buying and paying the lawyer for the Deed I had to pay an extra discrimination tax, ‘foreigners’ tax. This seems so unfair when Mexicans get schooling for the children and hospital deliveries free, from us, in USA whether legal or illegal. Our high taxes in US pay for them. When we in Mexico of foreign countries pay all kinds of discriminatory taxes. My maid left without telling me that she had another job higher paying, and now I am having to pay for “leaving taxes” and a lawyer to represent me to negotiate a reasonable fee, then I pay the lawyers fee. It is never ending, but it is definite discrimination to us legal immigrants in Mexico.

Tijuana answers:

Welcome to the world of hypocracy. The mexican gov’t will give maps and directions to illegals coming to America but if we try to stop them they scream foul. Just look at there southern border. If we had one like theirs illegal immigration would not be a topic.

Joseph asks…

What kind of papers i need to go to mexico by bus.?

I have never been n Mexico since o came here to the us when I was 7 years old. Don’t have the pasaport or other kind of Mexican documents. I am going to Cd. Obrego. Sonora mex.

Tijuana answers:

There is no passport control leaving the USA and you don’t say your nationality – which is what determines the requirements to enter Mexico.

If you want to return to the USA and you are a US citizen you need a passport, passport card, or Enhanced Driving License (most states do not issue EDLs):

Warning: If you are in the USA illegally but arrived as a child you may endanger your chances of converting to legal status by leaving the USA and returning illegally.


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