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Mexico Map

Mandy asks…

How do I get to the other side of the map in Red Dead Redemption?

My sister keeps bothering me. And she wonders how to get to the other side of the map (single player)

Tijuana answers:

When you get far enough in the game, different areas open up, much like most Rockstar games. You need to complete single player missions to open those areas. The first is Mexico (in the south), and the final area (Blackstone?) is basically like the midwest (Northeast area of the map). Just compete missions (the letters on the map) until they open up. You’ll know when they open because you’ll do a mission that brings you there.

If you’ve already opened these and want to know how to physically get there, just jump on a stage coach and he’ll charge you to directly go to any area and you can press a fast travel button to immediately end up there.

Maria asks…

Does satellite navigation work in Mexico?

I’m going to move from austria to mexico city this summer and I would really love to have satellite navigation in my car..
Do you know if there are any companies offering that in mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Has nothing to do with where you are, but everything to do with if you have maps for the area you are in.
You’ll have to get a navi-CD for mexico and put it in once you’re in mexico, then it will work. It may need a few minutes to load into memory so be patient.
As a matter of fact, chances are you’ll have better GPS-sat-reception the farther south you go…up in the high north there’s almost no coverage cuz most sats are on a much more southern orbit.

Sandra asks…

Where can I get digital relief maps from?

I’m trying to find the topology of specific areas. I know that an OS map has contours but it would take an awful long time to extract all the contours and make them into a 3D landscape. Is it possible to download this data from somewhere?
Thanks in advance.

Tijuana answers:

A map found at this website has the conterminous United States divided into 25 regions based on physiographic regions. The physiographic regions are based on landscape features, which are mostly controlled by the geology of the regions. Another map view illustrates the same 25 regions on a shaded relief map:

1. Superior Upland (The edge of the Canadian Shield).

2. Continental Shelf (around the margin of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic margin)
3. Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Plain

4. Piedmont province
5. Blue Ridge province
6. Valley and Ridge province and also here
7. St. Lawrence Valley and maps of bedrock geology and surface geology (The part in the US is just the edge of this mostly Canadian province).
8. Appalachian Plateaus province
9. New England Province, which is the continuation of the Appalachian Mountain provinces into states like New Hampshire
10. Adirondack province

11. Interior Low Plateaus
12. Central Lowlands
13. Great Plains province and here

14. Ozark Plateaus
15. Ouachita province

16 – 19. Rocky Mountains

20. Columbia Plateau
21. Colorado Plateau
22. Basin and Range province and here

23. Cascade Mountains / Sierra Nevada Mountains
24. Pacific Border province
25. Lower California province (Chaparral Area)

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