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Mexico Map

Richard asks…

where can i find a guide for the international airport in monterrey mexico?

I am traveling from monterrey to ciudad juarez and i need a map of General Mariano Escobedo International Airport.

Tijuana answers:

Monterrey airport is not hard to navigate, for an international one is on the small side.
Click on this link:

Paul asks…

How would you persuade someone to go to mexico?

I have some reasons
1. Deep Blue Sea
2. Delicious Food
3. Relaxing scenery
Can anyone give me an example of how you would write your paragraphs?
I only have a sentence so far LOL : Mexico is truly a beautiful country.. :

Tijuana answers:

I have this link from a map based website which dedicatedly works on Mexico, you might find some very interesting facts and contents for your paragraph, highly recommended. Following link can be considered for the example:

Cheers Amigo!

George asks…

how can i get free colorful brochures on mexico and the caribbean mailed to my home?

I am a teacher. Our next two units of study are the caribbean and mexico, respectively. I am looking to obtain maps, pics, etc, at little or no cost. Thanks.

Tijuana answers:

At our agency we have given brochures and information that we were able to on behalf of teachers. But it isn’t really fair to make up a story of a group travel just to get a bunch of info sent to your home. Brochures are heavy and get quite expensive to ship. It is one thing to get it free on your end it is another to have the agency pay for your convenience.

You are requesting it free and the best advise I can give you is to go to a local agency and pick it up yourself. Agencies have no problem sending info to clients, however it just isn’t fair for the agency to put forth the cost for your convenience when it is for a school project, don’t you think? I’m not even the one who pays for it, but I also respect my companies finances.

That way you are still getting the info free, only your not costing an agency money for no reason. Try and call a local agency first and talk to them about what you are requesting. Keep in mind though that many local agencies do not keep info such as maps unless it is one in the brochure. If we did, we would need a warehouse to store it all. So if you need a specific Mexico or Caribbean map then try the local library, tourism board which they may or may not have one because most of the Islands in the Caribbean have there own Tourism boards as they are all separate from one another. Or you could buy an Atlas, etc. Those would be my suggestions.

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