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Mexico Map

Steven asks…

Where can I find Mexico map for gps Insignia NS-NAV01? It uses Navteq maps, any idea where to buy its maps?

I bought the Insignia gps at a Best Buy, and the seller told I can download maps from Navteq, but at they don’t list this brand. Maybe other brand supported by Navteq or another provider can by helpful. Thank you.

Tijuana answers:


Michael asks…

Are the Spanish the first Europeans to discover America?

I mean they landed in Mexico then mapped and conquered central and south America and sent expeditions to North America and mapped the area and named the indians, the vikings never did any of that.

Tijuana answers:

Well the Vikings maybe didn’t know it was the ‘New World’. But Columbus was an Italian actually, eventhough he sailed on Spanish ships

Donna asks…

Does anyone know how to read a radar map, surface weather map, visable satellite map for Farmington, New?

Mexico on the map of North America?
Can someone please explain how to read these maps?

Tijuana answers:

HOW TO READ MAPS ———————————————– Satellite and Radar: Interactive Weather Maps —————— How to Read a Weather Map ———————– How to Read a Weather Map ———- Weather Radar ——–

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