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Mexico Map

Jenny asks…

How many miles is it from Chicago, Illinois to Monterrey Mexico?

Im planning on moving to Mexico for some time, Ive never driven to Mexico, my husband is going to meet me at the border I would like to know how far is it to drive to Monterrey from Chicago.

Tijuana answers:

1,550 miles. It’s a 24 hr trip…all driving, no stops:

Carol asks…

Does anyone know how to read a radar map, surface weather map, visable satellite map for Farmington, New?

Mexico on the map of North America?
Can someone please explain how to read these maps?

Tijuana answers:

Okay I can give you links to the various types of weather and what they mean. The second site gives you different type of satellite imagery. IR for night and visible by day. The third is a very quiet radar, at least at the time of this forecast. But conditions are becoming more springlike and that indicates shower activity.

Mandy asks…

How much would you spend on gasoline to drive out to mexico in a V8 SUV?

About how much would the cost be on gasoline to drive out to Mexico in a V8 SUV? I’m planning a trip soon as would like to estimate the cost so that I know about how much I would need to set aside for gas.

Tijuana answers:

Go to Yahoo Maps and put in your starting an stopping points on the map. That will give you the total distance. Lets says that 1200 miles, take the highway milage (user your cruise as much as possible) say 20mpg (1200/20) it’ll take about 60 gallons of gas or about $200 (~$3 a gal). My Ford F150 with a 4.6L V8 gets about 22mpg on the highway at 60 with the cruise on 95% of the time. Goes down to about 17-18 without the cruise.

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