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Mexico Map

Susan asks…

What is there to do and see in Veracruz Mexico?

My husband and I are going to Veracruz Mexico in October and I’d love some advice about the best things to do and see and also any moderate priced hotel recommendations. We’ll be in Veracruz, Veracruz and don’t want plan to do too much driving in area, but willing to drive a bit to see something awesome. Thanks for any advice!

Tijuana answers:

It is great that you are going in October…it will be a bit cooler then. Most of the year, Veracruz is hot beyond description. Try staying at a hotel in the Centro Historico. It will give you a real feel for Veracruz. The Zocolo is full of street musicians, performers, and on weekends there are dances in the center area. The sidewalk cafes are wonderful. The est site in Veracruz is the aquarium…best on in Latin america…really excellent. Ask at the hotel for directions or just tke a cab. Cabs are cheap and safe. There is also a wax museum on the same complex as the aquarium and lots of shopping too. The Malecon is the boardwalk on the waters edge and has tons of shops and vendors. The Navy base is just a block away and has a great museum. Take a drive or a ride down the waters edge…right along all the beaches to Boca Del Rio, just a few miles…it is the big beach and hotel area…nice to visit, but the Centro Hisrtorico is better for staying. It will definitely be hot enough to go to the beach. Just a few miles north of the city on the coastal highway is La Antiqua…the spot where Hernan Cortes built a settlement when he landed 500 years ago. The remains of his house and stable are there ( free to see), and the oldest church in the Americas. You can walk around the town, look for the vendors area and take a boat ride on the river that Cortes came up to that area. As you drive north on the coastal highway you get great vies of the Gulf, and there are little roads that lead over to the wild beach areas…but these are hard to find unless you ask someone and they are about a mile long and never paved. Just a coupe of miles north of where the Highway to Xalapa intersects with the coastal highway is Cempoala…a site with ancient Pyramids. It is the nearest pyramid site to Veracruz. The hotels usually have city maps and info on sites to see. Even if you have a car, do not hesitate to take a taxi to different sites in Veracruz…they are cheap, and it beats getting lost in that city! I live about 75 miles from Veracruz, have been there many times and can easily get lost there. I have found that is you get lost, the best thing to do is stop a taxi and ask him to lead you to the place, and pay him for it. They are great at finding places and glad to lead you . Have a great time.

Thomas asks…

How long does it take to get from Florida to Mexico?

I live about 30-45MIN away from Tampa, and Im going to a state in Mexico called Tamaulipas (specifically a city called Tampico). Im driving there for spring break, and I was wondering roughly how long it takes to get there from where I live?

Tijuana answers:

That is a VERY LOOOOONG and challenging drive. It is about an 8 hr drive from the Tx. Border to Tampico, and the road is poor in some parts. You will need to buy Mexican car ins. See 1st site below. You will need a car permit for your car, see 2nd site. You really should NOT make this drive alone if you have not driven in Mexico before. I live in Mexico and have driven this route several times. See 3rd site for map. It says it will take about 26 hrs driving time…but this site is ALWAYS too short on driving time…it will take at least 30 hrs. You CANNOT drive after dark in Mexico, due to unexpected poor road conditions and animals on the road. You would need to cross the tx brder EARLY in the morning to get to Tampico before sunset. I hope you speak Spanish. You will need a Guia Roji, the Mexican road atlas. You can buy it a big book stores or order it at Tampico is really not a big vacation, tourist I am asssuming you have friends or family there. Driving IN Tampico would drive a saint crazy. If you have friends or family there to meet you, it would actually be cheaper to fly to Houston, or San Antonio, and take a bus to Tampico…there are buses that go straight thru. Please think about this carefully. If I can be of help, just email me.

Sandra asks…

how many miles is it from clayton ga to tulancingo mexico?

i cant figure out how to do it on map quest and i dont know the interstate name to go to mexico so map quest wont do iit any suggestions to figure out how many miles it is?

Tijuana answers:

LiveMaps comes up with 1957.6 mi, 32 hr 18 min.

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