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Mexico Map

Paul asks…

Have you ever planned a trip around visiting Spanish missions in California or New Mexico?

I really like visiting old Spanish missions, but wasn’t sure which ones to visit next. There are some pretty ones in California, but New Mexico sounds interesting, as I’ve never been to that state. What are your experiences with visiting old missions? Recommendations?

Tijuana answers:

I took a week off and did a tour of the California Missions from San Diego up to San Francisco. It was a great time! The old cemeteries in the missions where amazing!

My favorites were the San Juan Capistrano, San Gabriel, Santa Barbara, Carmel, and San Juan Bautista missions.

Each uniquely different, but very entertaining. If possible, try to attend service in one of the missions.

Also, keep in mind that most have a gift shop, and you can buy a map with all the missions in El Camino Real (The path along California where missions settled, and thus cities formed). The city of Los Angeles was formed because of the San Gabriel Mission.

Nancy asks…

how much gas money does it take to get to Veracruz, Veracruz Mexico?

I live in Spartanburg Sc. I’m going to Veracruz Mexico in a Ford truck i want to know about how much gas money is it going to take for me to get down there. It is a 36 hour and 33 min drive.. And i’m also loading the bed of the truck with luggage and boxes full of my stuff.

Tijuana answers:

The link below will help you with toll costs and distances in Mexico.

You’ll need to do some math but gas in Mexico is about 7.9 pesos a litre or about 30 pesos to a US Gallon. Not sure what the current price is exactly but it’s the same everywhere so perhaps someone else could provide you with an exact cost per litre.

I’m sure if you use some other sites like mapquest or yahoo maps they will help you with the US portion of your trip.

To boldlyjim’s comment – don’t expect any Pemex station outside of the border area to take US dollars, don’t even expect them to take a credit card. Some now take credit cards but some don’t so don’t rely on credit cards for gas.

Richard asks…

Do I need a passport to travel from new mexico to maryland?

I am 16 and I have to travel from new mexico to maryland this summer and I have a license (that was issued in october of 2009) as a form of id, but I am wondering if I need a passport anyway.

Tijuana answers:

You’re kidding, right? Can you even find the United States of America on a map? You only need a passport if you’re travelling to a foreign country.

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