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Mexico Map

Richard asks…

Is this map about the human skin coloration of different places really accurate?

I kinda want to say it’s accurate but it shows most of China, all of West and Southern Asian and the Southern part of Japan as having medium tan to really dark tan skin.

And it shows Mexico and most of North America as having dark tan skin.

Tijuana answers:

Some parts of the map are accurate and others aren’t

From far West in Asia (India, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and Saudi Arabia) to the islands in South Eastern Asian ( Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore) is inaccurate because most Asians have the same or close to the same color the only light brown skinned Asians are Indians, Afghanistanians
and Pakistanis but the map showed them as dark as Africans.

So, it’s not really accurate but at least they tried lol

Sandy asks…

Arrowhead hunting in Northeast Missouri.Is there a map of the best places to hunt arrowheads in Northeast Mo?

Does a map exist showing the best places to arrowhead hunt in Northeast Missouri? I live close to the Chariton River and would like to walk the creeks or the bluffs close to the river.But is there anything showing me where would be best to find arrowheads?

Tijuana answers:

Suggest, and I don’t think it would be much different in any part of the country…. Look along creeks and rivers, on high points and hill tops. These are the locations in which Indians made camps. Hilltops were vantage points and helped prevent anyone from sneaking up on them…. When I watch TV or movies and it shows the teepees sitting down in a vally, I have to laugh….. When and where ever I find Indian artifacts in Arizona and New Mexico, they are normally on vantage points above and over looking creeks and rivers. If you find a location with pottery pieces, thats a good place to look for arrowheads…..

Jenny asks…

do you have to pay to download a map not previously preloaded to your gps system?

for example i bought a gps system which only has the map of usa and canada preloaded. if i wanted the map of mexico, would i have to purchase the software from somewhere?

Tijuana answers:

Yes you would. Maps are copyrighted content and need a license to buy. Your GPS purchase includes the license to only a map set for a region and its version.

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