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Mexico National Team

George asks…

What do you think of Antonio Michael Pedroza?

You think he will play for Mexico national team his mother is English so he has a choice I found out about him a couple of days ago and Chelsea,arsenal,fulham and some others are interested in him

Tijuana answers:

A great player, sooner or later he will receive offers

James asks…

Which Team is likely to bagel their International match a week from today?

I’m guessing Mexico will come up empty against Tim Howard and the stronger US Men’s National Team. Its a WC Qualifier and its at home where Mexico hasn’t won in over a decade.
There are a lot of games on the 11th here’s a list:
Germany-Norway Head-to-Head»
France-Argentina Head-to-Head»
South Africa-Chile Head-to-Head»
Tunisia-Netherlands Head-to-Head»
Turkey-Côte d’Ivoire Head-to-Head»
Israel-Hungary Head-to-Head»
Portugal-Finland Head-to-Head»
Greece-Denmark Head-to-Head»
Algeria-Benin Head-to-Head»
Belgium-Slovenia Head-to-Head»
Wales-Poland Head-to-Head»
Iceland-Liechtenstein Head-to-Head»
Latvia-Armenia Head-to-Head»
FYR Macedonia-Moldova Head-to-
Cameroon-Guinea Head-to-Head»
and more,

Tijuana answers:

Bagels for

Norway, South Africa, Wales, Liechtenstein, Guinea, and Mexico

Breadsticks for

France, Tunisia, Cote d’Ivoire, Hungary, Israel, Finland, Greece, Denmark, Benin, Slovenia, Armenia, Moldova and USA

Carol asks…

Mexico National Team?

why doesnt anyone understand its not ” the teams fault cus they play as a team and they play bad”. NOOOO it svens fault for not thinking clearly before these games and getting some actual decent players and actually doing sumthing good with them!!!! hes making mexico look bad because of his stupid decision making…ok the question: Do you agree with wat i just said?
you people arent gettin it! none of this would happen if sven got some good players to begin with!!! omar bravo didnt even shoot! dont protect that foo and blame it on the players cus its his fault for putting them in there in the first place like a stupidass…..god damn omar bravo sucks!!!!!
man sum people are hard headed…sven made the decicion of getting stupid players..mexico has good players and very good potential but they need a smart coach who will get the best players, make the best starting line-up and win sum games and so far sven hasnt done shit for mexico so dont blame it on mexico…or blame it on the directiva people for hiring him and being so corrupt and stupid…
to puffy: landin is like the top mexican scorer rite now.
amaury ponce is playing pretty good.
alberto medina, arce, villaluz, and torito silva are better than lucho perez.
if i was to get any estranjero it would luduena instead of augusto
alejandro vela has been playing good lately
oscar rojas is playing good
nestor calderon is a baller
santana is better than bravo in my opinion

Tijuana answers:

What good players are you talking about? Name a few…
Mexico has a lot of good players, it’s just that they lost tonight…
I’m sure they’ll get their game back together soon. You win some, you lose some.

O.k. You got my attention, I see where you’re coming from. I still think Mexico had enough team to defeat Honduras tonight, it just wasn’t their night.

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