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Mexico National Team

Lisa asks…

Why was Mexico’s National Team such a poor sport about losing to the US?

In the players/coach interviews, they made so many excuses for not winning. They were outhustled, too slow, and their fans were rudely loud, blowing annoying horns throughout the entire match.

Then, after losing, they refused to shake the hands of American soccer players. Why is that? Soccer is about bringing the world together, and, they treat our country’s players so poorly? Why are they such poor losers? Only a team of losers would not shake the hands of the team who fairly beat them. A team of winners should never be so condescending to their opponents after a game is complete, whether or not they win or lose.

Is there a Mexican out there who can give me a rational explanation for such impolite behavior? It’s very sad. I mean, Mexico is my country’s neighbor. I have many Mexican friends and I enjoy the Mexican culture. I don’t understand why there is animosity when Mexico is even an ally of my country.
Thanks Delores for that info on Landon Donovan not interviewing with Univision. I will report that to his boss. I think Donovan showed his poor sportsmanship with that action. He should have interviewed and has proven himself a hypocrite because in the American press, he was asking for there to be better relations between the two. I think you are right though, it’s not that we don’t like each other, it’s that we are very very competitive against each other.

Tijuana answers:

Wait until Copa America and Copa Oro to see the real Mexican Team. Mexico is the U-17 World Champions. The top talent will be ready for next WC in S. Africa.

Did you watch the game?? Mexico dominated futbolistically. USA won with lucky breaks. Mexico still dominated. How classy is the US team. Did you see Landon the European reject, taunting after he got a lucky bounce from the ref on the second goal. Americans are hated around the world. Its not because of race, everyone hates the US because of their arrogance. How far did the US make it in the WC2006 Germany??? And how far did Mexico make it?? Check Mexico’s record vs BRAZIL, ARGENTINA. Teams that matter. Remmember the US has several weeks practicing and the Mexican team has about 3 days of practice.
How does it it feel getting owned by Mexico in The World Baseball Classic. Latinos are better than you in your own sport. Get a new sport. Nuff Said!

Why can Latinos learn 2-3 languages and american whites can berely learn one. A la verga contigo pinche guero hijo de puta. VIVA MEXICO! MEXICO also kicks the sh!t out of american boxers!!!

All you racist idiots need to get out of you trailer parks and actually travel to MEXICO before you comment on it. How can you comment on somewhere you have never been. Get some education and maybe you would have money to spend and travel, instead of wasting your time on your racist rants.

Mandy asks…

Does the Mexico Soccer National Team buys the referee in soccer games ?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is the best team

George asks…

Do you think that Mexico is the most supported National Team in the world?

The reason I ask this is because as we all know, Mexico has the power to fill the stadiums or semi-fill the stadiums in more than one country, which the 2nd country is the United States (which also depends on what parts of US it is). And my reason for the question is that unlike other countries, when Mexico plays, it don’t really matter who they are playing against, the stadium will get either full or semi-full. And if you see other teams, when they play lower class countries, the stadiums won’t get near full, but when that country plays big teams like Argentina, Brasil, Germany or those kind of teams, the stadiums will fill up. Don’t you think or is there any other country who could do the same?
I mean in National Teams, not club teams.

Tijuana answers:

While I realize that Mexico can really pack stadiums, there are other countries with a large amount of supporters. Argentina and Brazil are popular examples. I went to the USA vs Argentina game recently and you could tell in the accents, that there were a number of people supporting the Argentine team who were not Argentinean. Also, when Argentina or Brazil plays, stadiums pack. When Brazil (in 2002) and Italy in (2006) won, how many people were rocking Italy or Brazil jerseys after they won the championships?

I think the better question is “Does Mexico have the most loyal/fervent fans?” And I believe that Mexico is definitely one of the national teams that has one of the most devoted followings however, they are not entirely loyal. While Mexican fans will follow their team to the end of the world, I have always heard the Mexican commentators criticize the players, the coach, the playing style or anything else I might’ve forgotten.

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