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Mexico National Team

William asks…

whats happening with the national soccer team of Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

I think that what the first person said is true. Team Mexico just needs to think that there always facing Brazil. When they face Brazil or Germany, they play AMAZING. They almost always dominate more that the Brazilian Team. The last 4 games of Mex vs Bra, Mexico won. EVen with Ronaldo or Ronaldihno or Adriano. But when they face a, well not a powerhouse like Brazil, (Trinidad and Tobago for example) they lost 2-1, and that game TnT played alot better. Maybe b/c it was there last chance to get into the 2006 World Cup, buh Mexico should still have given them a challange. This always happens with Mexico. When recently, when they face Powerhouses like Brazil, Germany, France, they win, tie, or rarely lose by 1 goal. And almost always play better. But again, when facing a team like, Guatemala, they dont play at there best. I guess cuz they dont rele care, buh one should always play at their best. That is why they shouldnt under estimate Iran and Angola this WC’06.

Mark asks…

Are African players/national teams considered better than Mexico?

Why is it that African players like Eto, Drogba, Webo, etc. play or have played for big teams like Barca, Milan, Chelsea etc. and are nominated for played of the year awards and other awards while it’s not common to see Mexican players playing for teams like that and/or are never nominated for prestigious awards? Isn’t Mexico considered a better national team than those African players? Or are those African players/teams now considered better and more prestigious than Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

According to your question African teams are considered than mexico .. But truly they are not .. In the fifa rankings Ghana and Ivory Coast are ahead of mexico .. Meaning by all the nations in Africa Mexico is better.. (according to the rankings of course) .. When it comes to individual players Mexico has the talent but lack the discipline where the africans are more athletic but lack the skill… So it really depends the way you see it. In my opinion … There is no question in my mind Mexico as a team is better than any African Country OUT there… Keeping it real…

Sandy asks…

Starter Strikers for Mexico National team…….?

what do you think the starter strikers for mexico should be?
in my opinion Vuoso and Nery(needs to get playing time) should be our main strikers but whats your opinion?
aguila14 i know nery needs to get more playing time with his team thats what i mean not mexico
and yea vela good to gio is not doing so well right now

Tijuana answers:

In my opinion Gio and Carlos Vela are not suppose to be in Mexico NT. The job is just too hard for them and they are too inexperienced and no offense but scared and dumb too.

The forward should be Nery Castillo only, with Arce and Guardado being mid-attackers. If Nery is unavaliable os isn’t working out good then Bravo should be the next guy, or have both of them on the field.

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