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Mexico National Team

David asks…

Mexico National Soccer Team?

Ok everyone got to

Finally we get what we all asked for…….
Do we actually have a chance though????????????
Can we become the winners of 2018??????

Tijuana answers:

Yes I think it will work, Nestor de la Torre should be President of FMF, he’s the only one who actually thinks about the Mexican National Team

Betty asks…

What is your favorite National football team?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico National Football team Ranked #15

Donald asks…

If Mexico gets 2 bad results against Costa Rica and Honduras, will you boycott the national team…?

like some idiots in the media are trying to do. Leave the Azteca empty and not watch the game through tv. I think it is BS. I agree the FMF is a place full of rich snobs who all they want is more money, but there is other ways of showing our dislike. What do you think?

Tijuana answers:

This is new territory for Mexico in the case that the national teams around you have made significant strides in the sport and can actually compete with you. People are trying to find different ways to adjust to that fact while some are having trouble accepting it.

Honestly, one sticks to your national team through the good and through the bad. My country has brought me great joy and bitter disappointment. It is truly a roller coaster ride of emotions but mi patria will always remain @ heart, no matter what.

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