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Mexico National Team

Mark asks…

Which football national team is better, Korea or Mexico?

Which football national team is better, Korea or Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Totally Mexico

Richard asks…

What do you guys think about the Mexico national footbal team?

Are they good and do you see them as a big team such as Brazil, Argentina, etc
well see next week when mexico plays brasil

Tijuana answers:

I do think Mexico is a great team. I do not see them as big of a team as the brazilians or argentinians but if mexico played better at away games they would be as big of a team as the top soccer nations like brazil and argentina

Ken asks…

Matias Vuoso to Mexico National Soccer Team?

Sinha and Guille Franco got called up for international duty for Mexico, will Matias Vuoso get called up also?

Chucho Ramirez has a great decision to make in this game against Argentina, will Vuoso be called up or what do you think will happen? If he doesnt get called up, when will he?

Tijuana answers:

Well he is a good player but im not sure he can make a big enough impact with the national team to secure a spot a a starter

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