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Mexico National Team

Ruth asks…

When does Mexico play Germany national team?

Tijuana answers:

Their not gonna play Mexico. Germany national team will play USA and then play Ecuador

Nancy asks…

Which national team is better among U.S.A, Mexico and Paraguay?

Perhpas the U.S.A is much better. What do you think?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico…Mexico beat USA twice this year…5-0 and 2-1

Richard asks…

does the US national team take the mexico national team serious?

it doesnt seem like they do anymore.they win nowadays with their eyes closed.they have so many footballers playing in europe for great barely seems like a rivalry.the US is too strong in football.I think its time to move past so called rivalry.what do you think?

Tijuana answers:

Yeah like everybody pretty much said already the U.S. Seems to ONLY take Mexico serious! Come on are you serious! Mexico is the one that doesn’t take the U.S. Seriously! Mexico’s competition or who they really take serious are World Class teams like Brazil. Notice how Mexico has been able to successfully have a better record beating Brazil in the last couple of years while, since they don’t care for the U.S, haven’t had a good run. When was the last time the U.S. Beat a World Class team other than Mexico? Wow sorpresa ni tu te crees lo que dices I bet!!!!
Ya paren de verse como ignorantes!!! Ask the other users from like the WC 2006 section and I bet they’ll all agree that Mexico is better!!!

Hahahaha LMAO at 3 pts. Of view’s comment that the U.S. Team is humble!!! Que __________!!!

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