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Mexico National Team

Chris asks…

Hugo Sanchez how do you think he is doing coaching?

i personally think that he is not the right coach to be coaching the mexico national team. He was a good play and thats it, what do you think?

Tijuana answers:

I think you’re right. Great player does not necessarily mean great coach. Hugo still talks and acts like he is a player looking for the limelight. When he said before the u.s. Mexico match that he “envied the players” on the field, I think that tells you something. He holds too many personal vendettas and animosity. He may make the team play a little better but he won’t make them a “better team.” Which is sad because the Mexico team has so much potential right now. What’s up with him playing Giovanni so little? He should be the first one on the field!!!

John asks…

Football fans (Americans especially): what is your favorite team(s) and when did you start supporting them?

I’m an American, I’ve been a fan of Club America (based in Mexico City) most of my life, they have a few players on the Mexico National team (Cuatehmoc Blanco being the most noticeable) and I still am a huge fan.

I also like Kaizer Chiefs based in South Africa (since about the age of 15) and Zenit Moscow. what about you now?

Tijuana answers:

I only follow MLS and some European leagues. Barcelona is my favorite team though

Jenny asks…

What is more important, the improvement of a Mexican club or the Mexican national team?

I ask this because Alan Pulido is being sought by Chivas. I am a Chivas fan, but to be honest I hope he doesn’t go to Chivas. He is too good to remain in Mexico for any Mexican club. He would be better off signing with a European club. We already know that several European clubs have been interested in him from Manchester United to Chelsea and Liverpool. If he goes to Chivas, he will remain there for a long time as Vergara won’t sell him and it will only hold him back. Pulido is a part of Mexico‘s future success and if he is being held back, then the Mexican national team is being held back. As much of a Chivas fan I am, the success of the national team is more important…Pulido should forget staying in Mexico and move on to Europe.
@Yangas: He could be signed by a big club and then loaned out to get playing time and learn. Much like Davila. That would be ideal for him. That’s what I was thinking. If he signs on for Man U, then loan him out to a smaller English club or to the dutch leagues. We already know what he is capable of despite the lack of playing time and the playing time factor is as a result of Tuca Ferretti who doesn’t trust young players. Tuca is a moron.
@Faded: How do you account for Carlos Vela, then? He was sent to Europe before he even played a minute in the Mexican leagues. Davila was loaned out to a second division spanish club to get playing time and he is doing well with Zurdo. Sorry, I don’t buy the reasoning. It can work if he is loaned out to a smaller club.

Tijuana answers:

Mexican national team

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