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Mexico National Team

Mark asks…

How would i go about finding a swim team in albuquerque nm that would help me get to a national team?

i am wanting to compete in the 2012 olympics in london, but i have a problem. i can not find a swim team in albuquerque, new mexico that can help me get to a national team and then the olympic team. i would really appreciate it if i could find a website or some more info. thank you

Tijuana answers:

If you want to compete in 2012, its going to take alot if work. You may even to have to stop training localy and find a new and better club somewhere else. If there are any clubs in albuquerque and u realy want to train there but the clubs arent the best, you may want to talk to the coach and tell him of your goals so he can help you reach them and train you better then the other swimmers. Im wanting to compete ing 2016. For me im happy with my team and im just trying to eat right and stay in shape during the off season. Good luck!

Donna asks…

Who is the the guy that plays for Puebla FC in Mexico but plays for the Canadian National soccer team?

I heard that there is a mexican guy that plays in Puebla in Mexico but he was called up to the Canadian National Team. Apearantly he got called up by the CNT because the Mexican National Team ignored him. I’m thinking it’s because he has a dual citizenship in both countries. I just don’t know who he is or what his name is.

Tijuana answers:

I don’t think he plays for Puebla FC, but he is the son of Sanchez Sola, Puebla’s current D.T. And a well known Pueblan figure in Mexican futbol.

The kid actually grew up in Canada where his mom relocated after the parents seperated.

Richard asks…

What is your favorite national football team ?

Besides mexico whats ur favorite national team ? Mines are
and uruguay hbu ?

Tijuana answers:


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