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Mexico National Team

Mark asks…

How do you get into a National track and field team.?

Im just asking how do you get into your national track and field team example: German national team, USA national team, or Mexico national track and field team.

Tijuana answers:

Whatever city you reside in or what school you attend you must dominate there first, and if your good enough eventually you will get recognize and if your eligible you can tryout for the us track team

Ruth asks…

What’s one word that describes Mexico’s female national team?

Here is my word “Embarrassing”

My reason have you seen their results they have lost 3 times in a row, and here are the results

Norway 2-1 Mexico
Brazil 5-0 Mexico
Korea 5-1 Mexico

They might not be the National team we are familiar with, but come on they still are representing Mexico‘s football ability.

Tijuana answers:


William asks…

Does anyone know if any Mexican or European soccer teams will be coming to Dallas,Texas in 2012?

I know Fc Barcelona,and Mexico‘s national team came last summer,but I want to know if they’ll be coming back or if any other teams will be doing so.

Tijuana answers:

Probably a Mexican team.

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