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Mexico National Team

Betty asks…

How does “nationality” work in international football(soccer)?

Does each country have its own rules or is it a FIFA rule.

For example: lets say i was born in the U.S. and im a US citizen but my parents are both Canadian citizens, but i have lived most of my life in Mexico. So what national teams can i play for?

Or are there even rules to this (can i just play for any national team)

These are examples i just want to know how that works; and would greatly appriciate a link to a set of rules on how that works

Tijuana answers:

Sorry I don’t have a link to the rules, but I know you can play for a country that you can show ancestry to or connection to (ie naturalization). The rules are pretty liberal, except that once you play for one nation’s national team you can never play for any other nation.

An example is Benny Feilheiber, who was born in Brazil of Austrian parents, grew up in the USA, and could trace his ancestors to Israel. He could have played for any of those nations, but chose USA.

Paul asks…

Official roster of the Mexican team against England tommorow in London?

Who is playing in Mexico‘s national team and what is Englands roster?

Tijuana answers:

If you have seen the provisional 30 man squads for either teams, those players chosen will be the ones that are eligible to play in the England vs Mexico match tomorow.

Laura asks…

What international team and club do you want to manage in the new career mode in FIFA 13?

I want to manage Leon in Mexico and manage the Mexican national team

Tijuana answers:

I wanna to definitely manage chelsea and spain national team..

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